The easiest way to identify who will be elected foreperson in your next criminal jury trial

According to criminal defense attorney Drew Atria, the easiest way to identify potential for persons when selecting a jury to sit on your next criminal trial is to simply ask them.

“At some point during voir dire, I asked the entire panel to raise their hands if they consider themselves to be a leader” states Atria.

“True leaders are all too quick to share this trade about themselves”

Once you’ve identified potential forepersons, your line of questioning and selection can be tailored directly towards selecting the “soldier” best suited to convince the remaining jurors and deliberations that the defense ultimately prevailed and why they should vote not guilty.

Recently on State of Arrest, criminal defense attorneys William R. Moore and Drew Atria discussed the three ways of learning common to all people and thus all potential jurors to a criminal trial.

Speak the language of your jurors

About 50% of the population is more apt to understand things if they are presented in the visual manner, about 35% learned through hearing leaving the smallest percentage to those individuals who learn in terms of feeling and emotion.

Use of exhibits in a criminal trial with respect to visual and auditory learning are discussed with regard to best practices in communicating with a jury chosen to sit on a criminal trial. Specific choice of language is also discussed with reference to individuals who learn through feeling. Methods of identifying the foreperson prior to selection are also addressed.

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