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Almost 5 years ago Forbes magazine conducted an investigation in order to determine approximately how much lawyers were spending on Internet advertising. What they found was staggering, in fact, staff member Daniel Fisher who is in charge of reporting on law firm economics stated:

Lawyers have embraced the Web as a way to get clients, spending an estimated $52.6 million a year on keyword advertising alone, an amount that dwarfs the Obama campaign’s Internet ad budget as well as the amount Apple spent on keyword promotions of its iPad and iPhone launches.

Half a decade later, we are seeing lawyers who pay anywhere from $50 to over $100 each time an Internet browser clicks on their sponsored link. For those that don’t know, sponsored links usually comprise the top three slots in a Google search result and are marked with a small yellow indicator which is barely visible and contains the letters AD.

Last year, Fort Lauderdale-based criminal defense firm spent an average of less than $100 on law firm marketing.

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Attorney William R. Moore does not engage in any form of pay per click advertisements or overpriced Google ad-words campaigns. Nor does his law firm engaged in direct mail advertising, Yellow Pages advertisement, bus bench ads, billboards, television or radio. In fact, our advertising budget last year averaged less than $100 per month.

That budget, of course was passed along to our clients as it is in every law firm. In our case, it amounted to a couple of bucks from everyone who retained us in 2014. We can’t speak for the other firms.

If you are looking for experienced criminal defense attorneys to defend you against charges brought about by the Broward County State Attorney’s office consider this:

The William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm can get started on your defense for as little as $500 down exclusive of costs. Monthly payment plans to follow are calculated based on both the type of crime charged and individual needs of the client.

If you think that we may be the right lawyers to handle your defense, give us a call and learn what fee schedules may be available to you.