Practice Areas

The criminal defense attorneys at the William Moore law firm only accept cases involving crimes in which at least one of the founding partners has significant experience and skill in defending. This has ensured over the years that each of us maintain a reputation as a leading defense lawyers among Broward County attorneys and residents. Any one of us will be happy to provide a full account of our noteworthy cases and successes in defending people who were charged criminally in South Florida.

Practicing as a criminal defense attorney as opposed to other areas of law such as contracts or family law is by far the most rewarding according to our team. We truly love what we do and we have worked at it daily from last 20 years now. The opportunity to be a hero for someone who has invested all of their hope in your performance in building a successful defense is something that has not been felt by any of us with regard to other aspects of our lives.

The drive to be successful in an arena considered both interesting and exciting by the public is ever present. It is no surprise that the handful lawyers in Broward County known for consistent strategic and effective criminal defense work enjoy a level of respect that is different to analogize to any other profession. Some people were just born to be criminal defense attorneys. Everybody in the profession knows who is winning far more often than their colleagues.  In almost every circumstance even competitive law firms will routinely admit when asked about specific lawyers who have  excelled at the profession since entering it.

It is always advisable to call local criminal defense lawyers and ask about the law firms that you are considering to represent your defense. Always go straight to the people that know.

Our lawyers have shown proficiency in defending the following crime types over the last two decades.

Probation and Community Control

Defending probation cases requires significant experience and knowledge of  how each and every criminal judge  response to various types of violation. Judges differ as to how they view substantive offenses as opposed to technical, how inclined they are to consider treatment in lieu of incarceration as well as the general severity of crime that that judge generally presides over.


Record ceiling and expulsion is pretty straightforward when it comes to the application process. Obtaining a certificate of eligibility simply requires that forms be filled out correctly. Real criminal defense work comes into play where the Broward County State Atty.’s office challenges a ceiling of a defendant’s criminal record despite having this certificate from the Florida Department of Law enforcement. These cases require litigation in open court before criminal judge by a criminal defense attorney.

Record Sealing & Expungement


Defending drunk driving cases has always been considered by many lawyers to be  inordinately challenging as compared to representing people charged with other crime types.  This is in part due to the fact that a DUI seems like a low level offense but is treated like a major one. Penalties for DUI convictions are endless. Furthermore defending DUI involves just about every  special type of issue that can be seen in criminal defense as a whole.  DUI attorneys claim that a single case can involve electronic surveillance, constitutional issues, administrative prosecution in addition to criminal prosecution, chemical testing, forensic reconstruction experts, minimum inventories, death, drugs and public outrage.

DUI Defense

Breath Testing in DUI Investigations

Additional DUI Areas of Practice

License Suspension


Attorney William R. Moore focuses his defense work on drug possession and trafficking cases in addition to organized crime and violent crime. The prosecution of these offenses require experience to be effective as a criminal defense attorney in Broward County. These cases carry severe penalties along with both prosecution and defense issues that cannot be found in any other types of criminal litigation.

Drug Crimes


Shoplifting or petty theft cases do not require a higher level of criminal defense knowledge and skill to be effective as an attorney, rather these cases require a defending attorney to have a strong working relationship with Broward County prosecutors. Often it is the defense attorney’s job to convince a specific prosecutor in a division to allow diversion rather than prosecution. This makes effectiveness quite political in nature. The attorney simply has to be respected by prosecutors assigned to the case.



A crime classified as a felony is far more serious than one charged as a misdemeanor. Likewise a first-degree felony is exponentially more severe than a third-degree one when considering a defendant’s exposure to imprisonment as a result. Major crimes require a certain breed of criminal defense attorney to really excel in helping people charged with some of our most egregious Florida criminal offenses.

Felony Class Theft Crime


Fraud and white-collar crime involve issues that are quite technical and diverse from a criminal defense standpoint. The use of computers, forensic accountants, false identities and money laundering make this type of practitioner different than other defense lawyers. This is because knowledge of other professions and to the same degree are required to truly be effective. Attorney William Moore has devoted such a focus to defending white-collar crime involving the use of computer systems that he is considered by many to be more knowledgeable about computer Internet  search engine issues than  most professionals in the nation who have made it their single profession.

Fraud and White Collar Crime

Arrests for Violent Crime 

Domestic Violence Arrests 


Resisting Arrest and Battery on Law Enforcement Officer

Obtaining Bail / Bond in Broward County

Criminal Trial and Appeals

Firearm Possession

Murder and Justifiable Homicide

Vandalism and Disorderly Conduct

Sex Crime Defense