Destruction of Evidence in Elbo Room Manslaughter Case

William Moore on failure to preserve evidence

In a Broward County criminal manslaughter case, pending since August 2012, Elbo Room bouncer Christian Nunez was shot and killed by patron Gregory Burns after an altercation. Burns was set to stand trial this year in the matter, however, after defense counsel sought to re-examine evidence in the case, it was learned that all items … Read moreDestruction of Evidence in Elbo Room Manslaughter Case

The “Anti-Tough on Crime” Movement

Florida tries to undo strict sentencing laws

Being tough on crime has been the slogan for the last couple of decades in Florida. It sounds nice and certainly helped many Florida politicians get elected. Unfortunately, this no-nonsense, strict sentencing attitude among lawmakers over the years has resulted in some pretty significant unintended consequences. At the time, it sounded great to slap lengthy … Read moreThe “Anti-Tough on Crime” Movement

America’s third safest city in Florida?

Attorney William Moore LLC Safest Cities

Weston Florida falls into 3rdplace behind Greenwich Connecticut and Parsippany New Jersey when it comes to freedom from crime. Furthermore, once again, reports from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2019 claim that Florida is at a 47 year all time low when it comes to crime statistics. Soon after reading these reports, I … Read moreAmerica’s third safest city in Florida?

What makes a battery arrest domestic violence?

Domestic Battery Defense

According to criminal attorney William R Moore, an arrest for battery, misdemeanor or felony, will wind up in front of the domestic violence judge if there is a certain relationship between the accused and the alleged victim. Battery is the unwanted striking of another person, which causes them harm. The level of harm, use of … Read moreWhat makes a battery arrest domestic violence?