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My name is William R. Moore and I have actively litigated criminal cases in Broward County, Florida for almost 2 decades. I’ve built a reputation for vigorously defending all levels of misdemeanor and felony offenses charged by the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. If you would like to know more about my criminal case history contact me directly by calling the number above. I will be happy to meet with you free of charge so that we may discuss how my South Florida law firm can help you.

Our Areas of Practice

If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Broward County, it’s time to take action. Start talking to local lawyers and get informed.

At the William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm, we have been practicing criminal law in Broward County since the mid-90s. Since then, each of us continues to focus on specific areas of Florida criminal law. It’s been over 15 years that we have been defending people charged with crimes out of our local Fort Lauderdale Office which is within walking distance of the Broward County central courthouse.  We are lawyers who have worked together since our first days licensed to practice law. Just as it was then, each of us still focus on specific crime types. We are a 100% criminal defense firm and do not accept other types of cases. No two of us defend criminal offenses of another’s primary career focus.
Review our Criminal Law Articles for information and defense lectures on every crime type.
Our lawyers have been helping people with questions about their criminal charges for years. There is never a charge to talk to us about your case and we welcome your call. Remember, we are all former prosecutors who have focused on specific areas of criminal defense throughout our individual legal careers. Lear how we can help you.
Call Our Criminal Defense Hotline:  (954) 523-5333

If our cases could talk

Fortunately, they have already spoken. A voice heard loud and clear at the conclusion of each and every successful criminal case that we have been hired to defend over the past 10 to 20 years. With over 1000 successful criminal jury trials defended by three of our law firm owners, the vast number of tactical issues alone speaks to our experience.
Our past clients speak both often and consistently.

Over the years, we have found that a majority of the people who have asked for our help learned about us through others. Both friends and family members of the past clients of our law firm’s three owners seem to make up the majority of our business. This would seem significant if it were not for the fact that criminal defense attorney William Moore so actively speaks and writes about criminal defense work in Fort Lauderdale that one would think a majority of our business was obtained to that exposure. Although it is close, the numbers seem to support word-of-mouth as being the cause of our primary source of clientele. The clients that we have defended in Broward County are quite a loud voice indeed.
Criminal defense attorneys in Broward County in the Fort Lauderdale area want your business. That is why you are  not only getting mail sent directly to your house by over 100 criminal defense attorneys but also bombarded by online pop-ups and paid placement campaigns. The amount of money spent by attorneys on advertising is shocking. Especially to us, because we don’t pay for any advertising. We don’t send out direct mail, we don’t pay Google to put us at the top of search results and we don’t accept conflict cases by government agencies. We don’t even sponsor kids baseball by buying team uniforms. That is because we defend people who have been charged with committing criminal acts. That’s all we do.

That’s all we have ever done and we’ve done it without paying for advertising that is passed off to the client.
The business of criminal law is the most competitive of all practice types in Florida. The competition amongst practitioners is often described as fierce and sometimes even cutthroat. Some lawyers have even been accused of maliciously bad mouthing the ability and experience of  similarly situated defense practitioners.

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That’s because we don’t have associates to pawn work off to and bill out to clients at an hourly rate. If anyone’s doing anything by way of work on the cases that we defend, it’s us. Groundwork in all. In fact, we don’t even hand work off to each other. This might seem strange at first but the fact is that each of us has been focusing on specific crime types throughout their career. In our criminal defense firm each of us is viewed as the authority on how to best strategically implement a defense with regard to the cases that they are assigned. These assignments are dictated by which of us has been focusing on defending that particular crime throughout their career. Nothing else would really make sense really.

Local Criminal Counsel

Not only are we career focused on specific crime types but we are also local and have been for two decades. William R Moore and his law partners have practice only criminal law and operated out of the city of Fort Lauderdale since all working together as prosecutors. Even then while learning everything about the inner workings of our local state attorney’s office, our jurisdiction of practice was right here.

We don’t run all over the state and defend people charged with crimes in unfamiliar courthouses, with unfamiliar judges and unfamiliar procedures. Many of the judges before whom we defend criminal cases are lawyers that we studied with in school. Never will you hear a Broward County criminal court judge ask us to state our names for the record. To the contrary, we have practiced criminal law in these courtrooms daily since our first day of practice.
How can you be certain that we are qualified to defend your case?

We guarantee if you come in and speak with us, you will quickly be able to pick up on the fact that we know our stuff. The fact is, that you don’t need to be a criminal defense attorney to recognize one that knows how to defend a specific type of crime. Even without each of our respective reputations for defending cases locally, our ability to explain issues specific to the tactical defense of our clients resonates loudly clear. Make an appointment to meet with us and see how seriously we take protecting people.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorneys Since Day One.

Over the years, we have grown to understand the subtle nuances that define how certain judges are likely to react to pleadings, motions and evidentiary issues. Similarly, we each have a firm understanding of how specific prosecutors will tactically prepare and argue their case. As for the local rules and procedures of the Broward criminal courthouse, we know them like the back of our hand.

Our Criminal Attorneys only practice defense work right here in Fort Lauderdale.

Local lawyers are arguably at an advantage when it comes to understanding the local judicial process. When choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent your defense it just makes sense to hire local counsel. William Moore Criminal Defense maintains offices and has lawyers who are residents of Broward County.
Arrested in Broward County?

If you have been Arrested in Broward County, Florida, it is advisable to spend some time in choosing the most qualified local Broward Criminal Lawyer to represent your defense. Remember, not only the facts of each case must be challenged, but also the stop, detention and search of each arrested individual.

We are Criminal Attorneys know Local Criminal Court Policy, Police Procedures and the Officer’s who enforce them.
That just makes sense. After all, shouldn’t you be represented by a criminal lawyer who is familiar with the way that the police officers who are going to testify against you?

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