Make your jurors feel good about themselves

Guest attorney Drew Atria

Renowned trial attorney Gerry Spence warns criminal defense attorneys against using subtleties when both questioning them in voir dire and in the presentation of your criminal defense. At the same time, it is paramount that a defending lawyer shows empathy and comes across as being “genuine.” South Florida criminal defense lawyers William R. Moore and … Read moreMake your jurors feel good about themselves

Short “to the point” direct examination

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer William R. Moore on Direct Examination

Criminal defense attorneys are taught to use short and concise questions when examining witnesses whose testimony cast doubt as to his or her guilt. Questioning that is “to the point” avoids the inadvertent asking of leading questions, which are prohibited by the Florida rules of evidence where the defending lawyer is not laying a required … Read moreShort “to the point” direct examination