Report on Taser use by the Department of Justice

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United States Department of Justice has recently reported on the use of Taser equipment by police officers in the United States. Most of the findings in this report were based on the reports of law enforcement agencies, which included both Broward County and Miami-Dade County departments.

The report indicated that injuries to citizens as opposed to police officers indicated a discrepancy of up to 300%. Analytical data compiled by police officers using Taser equipment seem to indicate that most injuries used in calculating the data involved cuts and bruises. The seriousness of injuries overall was based on a determination compiled primarily by police departments.

Attorney William Moore in Broward County Florida explains that the fourth amendment forbids unreasonable searches and seizures and use of Tasers clearly fall under the seizure category. Unfortunately, what we find is that the most egregious cases involving Taser misuse is investigated by a police department’s internal affairs unit.

Use of Tasers compared to pepper spray.

The Department of Justice seems to analogize in contrast the use of Taser equipment with the use of pepper spray as a means of subduing a criminal suspect. The department primarily analogizes early use of pepper spray. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International criticized law enforcement’s use of pepper spray in the 1990s which seems to be portrayed as having no merit according to the department. Specifically the Department of Justice notes that numerous reports establish that violence towards officers rapidly declined in jurisdictions that use pepper spray. In essence, criticism of the weapon that preempted Tasers by Amnesty International was undermined.

William Moore, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale Florida notes that it is peculiar that the department failed to distinguish between the various types of spray irritants. There are several different forms of irritant spray that were utilized by law enforcement throughout the 90s. Some had a much more significant danger factor than others. The fact is, that suspects have died as a result of suffocation or adverse effects following being sprayed.

South Florida police departments such as Miami-Dade which employs over 3000 officers is one of the largest in the United States. Despite that jurisdictions having a high number of suspects reported to have resisted per capita, Miami-Dade has never issued pepper spray to their police officers. This raises some interesting questions as to the reasoning according to Attorney Moore. In other words, South Florida police departments may have considered the dangers associated with the use of such a weapon.

I don’t think that a proper analogy can be made between electric Tasers and pepper spray. I am disheartened that the comparison was included in the Department of Justices report for no other reason than to say “the same critics used to condemn the harmless use of pepper spray.”

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What Ever Happened with Shooting Allegations Against Reality Star Andrea Penoyer Tianga?

What Ever Happened with Shooting Allegations Against Reality Star Andrea Penoyer Tianga?

Question to William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys:

What ever happened with the police officer from Police Women of Broward County following her shooting of the guy who was asleep in his car?

Broward County Arrests for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
Penoyer was accused of shooting a man who was sleeping in his car, however, the allegations were determined to be unfounded.

Answer by Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer William R. Moore:

The Huffington Post reported back in April of 2012 that Brandon Johnson, had accused Broward County Sherriff’s Deputy Andrea Penoyer Tianga of shooting him several times while he was sleeping in his automobile.

Officer Penoyer claims that Johnson was not sleeping at all, but instead driving straight toward her and other Broward Sheriff’s Deputies when they decided to open fire.

Apparently Penoyer and the other officers involved caught significant heat for the shooting as Johnson was shot several times according to Criminal Defense Attorneys from our firm. In response, the gun slinging police officers claim that ‘they feared for their lives because Brandon Johnson, 21, of Pompano Beach, Fla., drove his borrowed Toyota Echo straight at them’

Many people mistakenly believed that this was a case of police brutality rather that an attempted battery on a law enforcement officer.

This was primarily due to a report to a local Broward County newspaper. Johnson, who said he was sleeping in his car because of a conflict with a housemate, lost three teeth when a deputy’s bullet entered his mouth and exited through the bottom of his chin. His Uncle reported the the officers were trying to kill his nephew and that he wouldn’t have broken the law according to the Sun-Sentinel.

You may remember the name Andrea Penoyer from the reality show Police Women of Broward County. Penoyer was the most notable officer on the program according to one viewer poll.

What Became of Accusations?

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This report stirred up some local controversy. A report was filed and some criticism was endured by the officers, however, the report did not amount to criminal charges being filed or even disciplinary action for that matter. Ultimately,criminal charges were filed against Brandon Johnson in Broward County, Fl.

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Why do criminal lawyers advise against talking to police?

As a rule, criminal lawyers insist that their clients refuse discussing anything with detectives investigating a crime.

Criminal Lawyers Never Advise Clients to Speak with Police About a Criminal Investigation

Often it is not made clear to an individual that they are a suspect in a criminal investigation. Furthermore, the likelihood that something may be taken out of context is prevalent during the interviewing of an unrepresented witness or suspect. Criminal defense attorneys can quickly learn the status of their client before any questioning is undertaken by way of demanding immunity for the individual that they represent prior to questioning.

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