Man hit by car after attempting to kill ex-wife apprehended

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Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale recently reported on a crime occurring in Hollywood Florida whereby a man was hit by a car after stabbing his ex-wife. The Sun Sentinel report today that a suspect has been apprehended and charged with kidnapping, stalking and felony murder. A Broward County magistrate judge ordered Jorge Ruiz held without bond pending the resolution of the case.

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Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale recently reported on a crime occurring in Hollywood Florida

Ruiz is alleged to have appeared at his ex-wife’s residence, stabbed her repeatedly and then fled on a bicycle. It was during his fleeing the scene of the crime that he was struck by the automobile. The accused and ex-wife were taken to the same hospital whereby the victim to the case positively identified the assailant. Jean Ruiz, the victim had filed for restraining order against her ex-husband following an alleged incident of domestic violence. It is alleged that this restraining order was violated on at least two occasions at the victim’s place of employment.

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I was arrested for domestic violence and now I’m not allowed in my home what can I do?

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Many domestic violence arrests result in the accused being ordered not to visit their own home. This court order issued by the assigned domestic violence judge is legal and it does not matter if the person residing in your home has little or no right to be there.

Arrested for domestic violence in Broward County and need to get personal items so that I can work.

The quickest way to retrieve items from a residence that you have been ordered to stay away from is to contact a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy to accompany you to that residence. If you have been ordered to stay away from the residence, even if it is your own house by way of a no contact order, you will be arrested being at that location without a police officer.

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Attorney William R. Moore claims that many domestic violence abuse campaigns create an unfair bias against male defendants.

Can I have a no contact order withdrawn by the court?

The presiding judge upon proper motion by our Domestic Violence Attorneys can withdraw a no contact order. Tell us about the facts leading up to your being ordered to stay away from a residence and we will tell you specifically what can be done.

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Changes to Florida Cyber-Bullying Laws

Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have been actively involved in both litigating and reporting on bullying cases in South Florida. This has been quite a serious topic following the tragic suicide of Rebecca Sedwick, a victim of cyber bullying and bullying in her school, Florida lawmakers are planning to make bullying and Cyber-Bullying in Broward County a criminal offense.

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Domestic Violence in Broward County: Still an Akward Political Crime

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Domestic violence in Broward County has long been considered to be an offense that  is fueled by private industry and the emotions of South Florida residents. Our Criminal Lawyers know this and factor that in outlining an appropriate defense strategy.

In the past 17 years as a Domestic Violence Attorney in Broward County Florida, I have been actively involved in the defense of hundreds of these cases and witness to thousands. One issue that comes up time and time again is that of the prosecutions moving forward despite the fact that they lack of cooperation from the alleged victim. I think that most local criminal defense attorneys understand that the elected state attorney and staff at the prosecutor’s office would rather not be credited with dropping a domestic violence charge in Broward County as this by nature goes against what they are geared to do. That is to seek convictions.

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