Make your jurors feel good about themselves

Guest attorney Drew Atria

Renowned trial attorney Gerry Spence warns criminal defense attorneys against using subtleties when both questioning them in voir dire and in the presentation of your criminal defense. At the same time, it is paramount that a defending lawyer shows empathy and comes across as being “genuine.” South Florida criminal defense lawyers William R. Moore and … Read moreMake your jurors feel good about themselves

Identifying leaders in criminal trial jury selection

Criminal Trial in Fort Lauderdale

Individuals with strong leadership traits can mean the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict depending on the life experiences and opinions specific juror possessing such a trait. Identifying leaders is easier than you would think and should be done immediately in the jury selection process. Leaders are not necessarily going to be chosen … Read moreIdentifying leaders in criminal trial jury selection

Identifying the Jury Forman

Fort Lauderdale Fl Criminal Lawyer: How Jurors Learn

According to criminal defense attorney Drew Atria, the easiest way to identify potential for persons when selecting a jury to sit on your next criminal trial is to simply ask them. “At some point during voir dire, I asked the entire panel to raise their hands if they consider themselves to be a leader” states … Read moreIdentifying the Jury Forman