Shoplifting and Addiction

In the past shoplifting addictions were associated with women however more recently shoplifting addictions have been associated with men as well as women. Approximately 1 in 11 Americans has shoplifted merchandise. According to recent statistics suggest that there are more than 25 million shoplifters in the US. Most commonly individuals will steal from retail stores such … Read moreShoplifting and Addiction

Strong Arm Robbery

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More information on this case may be obtained by contacting criminal lawyer William Moore.

WSVN reports that Broward County police officers are searching for a group of men who were allegedly caught on a convenience store video camera committing a strong arm robbery.

Criminal attorney William Moore explains that the theft occurred last week and a review of the videotape clearly shows the group of assailants all of whom were wearing red T-shirts at the time.

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Detectives Warn Potential Victims of Stolen Car Scam

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The Sun-Senteniel reports that Police officers in Davie, Florida fear that there may be multiple victims in what appears to be a stolen car resale scam. The alleged perpetrator apparently used a false ID to sell stolen vehicles to unsuspecting buyers; a felony in Florida. Before apprehending the assailant at least one additional attempt to sell … Read moreDetectives Warn Potential Victims of Stolen Car Scam

Sheriff Issues Warning to Burglary Suspect

CMI SmartWater in Broward Crime Investigation

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has begun using a high tech liquid to deter and apprehend burglary suspects according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The liquid can be placed or sprayed on valuable items within the home and effectively rubs off on to individuals who come into contact with the items. Criminal defense lawyer William Moore claims that versions of this forensic liquid (known as SmartWater) has been used overseas for some time.

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