Shoplifting and Addiction

In the past shoplifting addictions were associated with women however more recently shoplifting addictions have been associated with men as well as women. Approximately 1 in 11 Americans has shoplifted merchandise. According to recent statistics suggest that there are more than 25 million shoplifters in the US. Most commonly individuals will steal from retail stores such … Read more Shoplifting and Addiction

Shoplifters for Hire in Florida

According to our criminal defense team, Read Hayes is on the hunt for shoplifters and he knows where to find them. It’s really quite simple. Hayes makes contact with shoplifters who have been caught in the act, arrested and prosecuted in Florida.

Read Hayes pays shoplifters to share the tricks and skill required to be a successful shoplifter in Florida.

They in turn bring him to offenders who have not yet been arrested for theft and are otherwise considered skilled in the art of thievery. It is surprising how willing people are to share what they know about the art of theft. Even if that knowledge is being imputed on someone on honing the art of deterrence and apprehension of Shoplifting Suspects.Once his team of petit-thieves is assembled, he organizes an appropriate group to hit a predetermined retail store of his choosing.

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Florida State Quarterback Recently Accused of Shoplifting

A Florida State University quarterback was recently accused of shoplifting from a grocery store despite explaining to law enforcement officers that his failure to pay was unintentional.

Shoplifting or Petit-Theft

Why do Criminal Lawyers often argue that the fair market value of the items taken is below $300 in theft cases?

In Broward County Florida, there is a diversion program that results in dismissal of shoplifting charges for first time offenders. -Criminal Lawyer William Moore

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