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Attorney William R. Moore, a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida, provides explanations of criminal offenses such as domestic violence, drug possession, shoplifting, DUI, reckless driving and driving on a suspended drivers license to name a few. Society Favors ultimately provides an avenue in which viewers (or listeners) can learn about criminal law in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

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Celebrity Shoplifting

Despite their fame and fortune, some celebrities just can’t help themselves when it comes to shoplifting. Perhaps if the belief that their notoriety will shield them from being reported by a store clerk. Maybe it’s that they just can’t be bothered with having to wait to be rung up at the register. Classic examples of this are the infamous video of Britney Spears looking into a camera while stating “I stole something” after pocketing a BIC lighter without paying for it or Winona Ryder’s therapy by theft to combat depression.

For us common folk it’s important to remember how theft charges are prosecuted and how they can stack up to amount to much greater offenses with significantly higher penalties.

First time shoplifting offenders get off easy

If you’re arrested for misdemeanor theft in Florida, any decent criminal defense attorney should be able to get you into a diversion program which upon successful completion will entitle the offender to a complete dismissal of their case. These programs generally last no longer than three months and require the defendant to complete a shoplifters intervention course in addition to staying out of trouble for the length of the program. Once the case is dismissed, the offender can apply to the Florida Department of Law enforcement for what is known as a certificate of eligibility to have their record completely expunged. Expunging a record ensures that it will be destroyed and deleted from government records once the entire process is complete.

Shoplifting re-offenders

A first time misdemeanor theft is prosecuted as a second-degree misdemeanor, the lowest degree of offense under our Florida criminal statutes, a second offense is prosecuted as a first-degree misdemeanor while a third can be filed as a felony. While some first time felony grand theft charges are eligible for a more stringent diversion program, a three strikes felony petit-theft charge is not.

Grand theft three offenders

Repeat offenders who have been charged with grand theft in the past also face enhanced penalties, albeit under a different avenue. In the felony Circuit Court, repeat grand theft charges allow the state attorney’s office to seek that the court declare the defendant a habitual offender. Habitual offenders face maximum penalties that are twice the amount of the standard maximum sentence. For example, the lowest degree felony grand theft is 3rd° punishable by five years in a Florida State prison. If the offender is declared arbitral offender, they face 10 years. Probation offers are rarely if ever conveyed to habitual offenders or prison release three offenders.

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Crime Celebrity: Dead Bodies Episode

William Moore Criminal Defense Broadcast

Do you know what multiplatinum recording artist had their body dug up by fans who were seeking to confirm or dispel a rumor about what kind of shirt they were buried in? What about the former singer whose body was stolen by their tour manager, driven out to a remote location and burned with gasoline? How about the famous case of a rock icon who woke up next to a dead body?


In this broadcast, criminal defense attorney William Moore discusses these bizarre cases in a humorous fashion. Issues pertaining to Florida criminal law and the handling of corpses is also discussed including the vandalizing of burial monuments and exhuming of remains without authority. See Florida Crimes Involving Corpses

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Fort Lauderdale Florida Criminal Defense Podcast

Our Criminal Defense Team in South Florida are proud to announce that selected clips and episodes of the William R. Moore Criminal Law firm’s broadcast show “State of Arrest” are now available at the iTunes store. Shows aired on November 27, 2015 and later will be available. Materials sought before this date may be obtained by contacting the office directly either by phone or email. Please be as specific as possible about the lecture, video or audio subject you’re looking for.

“State of Arrest” covers changes to our criminal justice system that are of major importance and interest.

State of Arrest by William R. Moore, Criminal Lawyer in Broward County Florida

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Interviews with local criminal defense attorneys.

The show includes interviews with local criminal defense attorneys about uncommon issues specific to trial strategy by lawyers who are considered by their peers to be a leading authority with respect to the specific criminal defense practice area being discussed.

Interviews with people charged with crimes and treated unfairly.

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The general public is becoming more vocal when it comes to distrust and mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement. Listen to their stories, obstacles that they faced and how they were overcome. Get the criminal defendant’s perspective and draw your own conclusions about the legal and ethical considerations associated with their arrest and prosecution.

Highly publicized criminal justice issues that stir up controversies and debate.

Opposing sides of gun control and the legalization of marijuana are examples of the highly publicized issues faced by both our state and federal courts today. Opposing authorities for each side and the arguments posed on their behalf are discussed and analyzed. Potential long-term effects are discussed and balanced.

What we have learned from the past when it comes to criminalizing activity.

The prohibition as compared to changes in our outlook about illegal drugs is one such example as we attempt to determine whether or not the United States criminal justice system is learning from its mistakes. Violations of constitutional rights and the overall treatment of individuals by the police in general are discussed. Laws enacted by Florida counties that have recently been found to be illegal will also be addressed. Broward County’s recent criminalizing the feeding of homeless individuals is an example of this type of broadcast.

Celebrity arrests.

When a star gets arrested for even low-level crimes, the media and public seem to frenzy. What is it about our infatuation with celebrities. More importantly, are they treated with leniency by the attorneys that prosecute them or are they prejudiced by their fame and made an example of. The overzealous policing of and prosecution of Justin Bieber is one example of this type of broadcast.

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Scott Weiland was never charged with the severity of criminal offenses that his wife Mary was.

Attorney William Moore responds to allegations that Scott Weiland’s illegal activities including but not limited to drug crimes led to not only the breakup of the band Velvet Revolver but his divorce from first wife Wendy Weiland.

“It is well understood that Velvet Revolver dissolved as a result of factors that can best be described as a Yoko Ono like invasion on the part of every one of the artists wives at the time. If anyone was to be faulted it would have to be Slashes ex-wife (former guitarist for Guns & Roses). It is well documented that she attended every band rehearsal with the other bandmates wives. This was apparently very disruptive and ultimately led to a break down of the creative process.

As for factors contributing to the irreconcilable differences that developed between Scott and Mary Weiland, you would be well served to factor it in there somewhere that it was Mary that was arrested and charged with Arson years after her husbands last drug possession arrest. She Burned thousands of dollars worth of clothes belonging to Scotts clothing in the presence of her children.

Even during his roughest years with Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland never racked up a $50,000 bond on such a potentially violent felony offense. This was done after she destroyed her room at the palacious Graciela Hotel and her kids were effectively removed from her custody temporarily… possibly voluntarily.

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