Allegations, Investigation and Arrest of Suspect

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W-white-shirtThe criminal justice process begins when someone makes an allegation that a crime has occurred. Most often these accusations are made by civilian witnesses, although police officers are often witnesses as well.

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Often it is the type of offense that dictates whether accuser is law enforcement as opposed to a typical lay witness.  Where police officers set up a sting operation, you can expect to have those same police officers as the original witnesses to the crime. Domestic violence disputes, on the other hand can be expected to involve family members.

What type of offense were you arrested for?

Are you aware of any witnesses that can be expected to testify against to?

What about witnesses that might testify in your defense?

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Always make notes detailing your recollection of the events leading to your arrest. 

Making a record of the events leading up to and following your arrest can greatly assist your criminal defense attorney in preparing your defense. The best time to make note of your recollection is immediately following the event.

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Begin recording your recollection of the events leading up to your arrest.

Begin preparing your defense now. Creating an accurate record based on your recollection of recent events will greatly assist your legal defense team in immediately identifying issues and preserving evidence that tends to exonerate you from the crime charged. This information will be stored online and accessible only by you and the attorneys at The William Moore Law Firm. There is no charge for the service. Nor is there any cost associated in having our legal team review information that you have submitted and also have questions about.

All information submitted to The William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm is completely confidential and protected by the attorney client privilege.
Recording the date of records created by an accused may assist in verifying that your recollection of events was reduced to writing when the incident had just occurred and was fresh in the mind of the suspect.
Include specific statements made against you to police officers or otherwise.
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Criminal Procedure

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Practicing criminal law either as a defense attorney or prosecutor is significantly different than any other area in this profession. A defense attorney specifically holds such a unique place in our society that many often argue when discussing just about any element pertaining to a profession that is unlike any other on earth. We protect people although we are neither physician nor civil practitioner whose main focus is to protect a person’s things.

 Defending Crimes Charged by Government

We protect individuals from thier own government claims criminal defense attorney William Moore. While most will disagree as to how we are to be viewed in society, there is one group that consistently shares the same perception and that is the client. Success can make you feel like a hero in ways that no other line of work ever could. When it comes to the actual practice of criminal defense there are very complex issues pertaining to the law itself or the tactical manner in which that law is practiced on behalf of the person you are defending.

Simplicity in Routine Criminal Procedure

At the same time, there are many aspects that are quite routine and for lack of a better word simple. The typical process of a criminal case from arrest to resolution has got to be one of the simplest to understand when it comes to arguing before a judiciary. Explaining the criminal trial process along with the events leading up to resolution is one of the easiest ways to get a client in a mindset that is conducive to assisting their counsel in preparing an overall defense strategy.

Hearings that take place prior to resolution of a criminal case can basically be broken down into those involving motions to exclude or allow evidence, requests of the court to allow more time for preparation, the manner and presentation of proceedings, requests for information or making a record of issues that have been narrowed by way of negotiation between prosecution and defense.

Stipulating to Evidence Before Trial by Lawyers

An experienced kernel defense attorney and prosecutor can anticipate what evidence will or will not be allowed should a case proceed to trial. More often than not the two adversaries can agree on whether or not that evidence will be presented and how.

Issues pertaining to jury selection considered more of a trial issue as the voir dire process takes place on the date of the actual criminal trial. Rarely are issues pertaining to jury selection argued in the months following this final hearing as they are not learned until the presumptive panel is questioned. This excludes high profile media cases or issues pertaining to American sentiment. For more information about this article contact attorney William more directly at his office in Broward County by calling 954-523-5333 or visit him at one Financial Plaza Suite 2500, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394.


A few things to remember before heading to court…

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William Moore Law FirmEven a little preparation goes a long way when it comes to appearing in court for a criminal offense in which you are the defendant. Knowing the exact location of a courtroom, your judges name, case number and matter to be addressed on a specific scheduled hearing date may serve to alleviate stress that often accompanies the haste and confusion just prior to appearance.

Spend a few minutes with your attorney learning the basics.

In criminal cases most hearings do not involve a defendant having to say anything on the record in open court. This allows for an accused to pay closer attention to the matters being addressed at their hearing as opposed to worrying about potentially having to speak on their own behalf. Remember criminal defendants have an absolute right to remain silent and will only be asked to provide evidence in a hearing prior to trial under rare circumstances which are certain to be explained to you by your criminal defense attorney long before appearing before an assigned judge.

How to dress for criminal case hearings.

Attorney William Moore claims that one of the most overlooked and yet important considerations that a defendant to a criminal action should consider is both their style of dress and overall appearance in the courtroom. It is of no consequence that a defendant will not be speaking and will otherwise just be observing and providing a presence. The fact is that not only the assigned judge but also the prosecutor, bailiffs and clerks will be drawing conclusions about a defendant based solely on their appearance in the weeks or even months the scheduled court dates in any criminal case lifespan.

This is one area where you really need to go the extra mile, claims Moore. A fresh haircut, a clean well pressed suit and well rested appearance may tip the scales of discretion on a judge’s part in your favor without your ever even knowing it. Criminal court judges are very vocal about their feeling disrespected by defendants who appear before them inappropriately dressed. Attorneys who defend criminal cases every day also see actions on the part of assigned judges that seem to reward those who show respect in both action and appearance.

Finally, regardless of what is happening in the court proceeding specific to your case, resist any temptation to speak without being addressed by the judiciary. Never address either the prosecutor or courtroom staff directly at any time. If your question it is a best practice to subtly motion to your lawyer that you need to speak with them. Your presiding judge is certain to allow as much communication with your counsel as needed in order to preserve your right to due process.

William Moore is an attorney in South Florida who is handled thousands of criminal cases over the last two decades. His firm is comprised of attorneys who focus on a few limited specific areas of practice. Questions regarding this article or any other matter involving criminal law are welcomed by calling 954-523-5333. The William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm is located at one financial Plaza, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394.

Is it safe to fly with an open arrest warrant

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If you think that you have an outstanding arrest warrant due to a missed court date or criminal arrest that was never resolved, it is good idea to determine the status of any unresolved court matter.

If you are going to fly this holiday season regardless of whether or not you may have an open arrest warrant, there is something that you can do prior to arriving at the airport and otherwise subjecting yourself to detention.

Printing out your boarding pass prior to arriving at the airport will inform you as to weather or not you are on a “no-fly’ list. If you are able to print a boarding pass prior to boarding the aircraft, you should be ok.

Remember however, there are no guarantees that you will avoid arrest at the airport if you have an open warrant.

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