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Child Pornography

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However, due to the severity of these offenses, Attorney Weick travels throughout the State in order to effectively represent clients. Sex Lawyer Jim Weick has been retained by some of Florida’s most noteworthy criminal lawyers to assist with preparing and defending sex cases.

According to Florida Sex Lawyer Jim Weick, child pornography is taken to be any image that depicts sexual conduct by a minor. A minor is an individual below 18 years and according to Florida Statute 847.001(16) sexual conduct can include any of the following:

•Actual or simulated sexual intercourse

•Exhibition of genitals in a lewd and lascivious manner

•Perverted sexual intercourse


•Sadomasochistic acts

•Sexual activity with an animal

•Physical contact with the individual’s clothed or unclothed body areas with the intent of sexual arousal or gratification •Any act of actual or simulated sexual touching -Florida Child Pornography “Image depiction can include photographs, videos, photos, or videos stored in digital or some electronic format, downloads from websites, stored electronic data that can be converted to images or videos, or undeveloped film or videotape. Florida law makes a distinction between child pornography and child erotica.

Child erotica is legal, and it includes photography of children in nude or partially nude poses that does not come under the classification of sexual conduct. It is illegal in Florida to produce, promote, share, transmit, distribute, or possess child pornography.”  (interview with Florida Sex Crimes Lawyer Jim Weick).

Florida Sex Crimes LawyerBroward County Child Pornography Attorney Jim Weick explains Penalties

Production and promotion of child pornography is considered most serious offense in Florida, and is charged as first degree felony, punishable with a minimum sentence of 5 to 13 years prison time for each charge, or a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment in Florida State prison. Transmitting, distributing, sharing child pornography is a second-degree felony offense, punishable with a fine of up to $10,000, 15 years jail time or both. Downloading, possessing, or alleged viewing of child pornography is a third degree felony punishable with fine of up to $5,000 and/or five years in prison. According to Florida Sex Lawyer Weick, It is important to note that each image of child pornography can constitute a separate criminal offense. Hence, charges can increase dramatically along with the penalties. The argument of the prosecution in this matter is that the acquisition of each image involves time and effort, which indicates the level of involvement and interest of the accused. However, in a download from the Internet, numerous images can be acquired without much investment of time or effort. In either event, however, the law holds that each image may be charged as an individual count. Hence, it would not present sufficient grounds for severe penalties. The state law of Florida also allows increased penalties for repeat offenders and for people having previous felony convictions. Certain child pornography offenses will also require the convicted person to be registered as a sex offender in the Sex Offender Database of Florida. –Child Pornography Attorney in Florida

Child Pornography Lawyer Jim Weick Maintains offices in Broward County but routinely travels throughout the State of Florida to Defend Clients.

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