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Visit our defense lawyers in Fort Lauderdale
Visit our defense lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Let’s talk about the specific crimes that we are passionate about defensing. You won’t be disappointed. We are proud of our reputation and accomplishments. 

We are a defense firm comprised of former prosecutors who served together as prosecutors in the late 1990’s. We each focus on specific offense types rather than trying to master everything.  This means more time, opportunity and experience in defending crimes of the same type. As prosecutors are divided into divisions as well, your lawyer will be familiar with what strategy they are likely to attempt.

For more information about our defense team visit Broward Criminal Lawyers. We have over 50 years of combine experience defending criminal cases in Broward County.

When it comes to choosing among Criminal Attorneys, consider this:

On average a criminal defense attorney is one who works to:

  • Lessen the degree of the criminal charge, such as lessen the charge of felony to misdemeanor.
  • Successfully argue for the reduction of the severity of the punishment.
  • Eliminate or work towards having your prison time reduced via legal means such as probation.
  • Construct a sound defense strategy from the beginning of the case.


Offense Specific  Broward Criminal Attorneys, on the other hand, devote a vast majority of their  life’s legal practice on defending one specific type of crime.

The attorneys at William Moore Criminal Defense have each focused their career with the Firm on defending specific types of crimes. The partner that leads the defense in a Punishable by Life Felony is not the same that has spent the past 15 years improving the art of DUI defense. While each is equally skilled, their individual area of focus is on completely different types of criminal defense.

William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys Areas of Practice and Location

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General Issues Common to Defending Against Criminal Charges in Florida

In a majority of criminal cases, the defendants and their lawyers do their utmost to argue against a possible conviction, using every legitimate defense they can under the circumstances. Most defenses in criminal cases can be divided into two broad categories: (a) Outright denial of having committed the offense (b) Acceptance of the offense, but rejection of responsibility.

“This is the most simplistic way to begin to understand the concept of defending a client against criminal charges.”

The Proof must be Valid and Obtained Legally

In any criminal case, the accused is treated as innocent until proven guilty. The onus lies upon the prosecution to prove the guilt, and successfully counter the defenses put forward by the defendant. Many practitioners claim that they can help defend the rights of an accused in a criminal case, however be mindful that the complexities of this area of law generally limit those accepting criminal cases to those who practice criminal defense full time.

“I not only limit my practice the criminal defense, I further hone my area of focus to Driving Under the Influence charges” claims William Moore, DUI Attorney in Fort Lauderdale & Fort Lauderdale.

Understanding your DUI case can be difficult. It is often a good idea to become familiar with the DUI Terms used by the criminal courts in Florida. Like most individuals arrested for driving under the influence, you may have questions about your case. Submit a DUI Case Evaluation Form to our office and we will review the police reports associated if you provide your full name and the date of arrest. This will give us the information needed to pull the file. We will get back to you by the following business day at the latest.

More often than not we see cases involving DUI arrests where an additional crime of Resisting Arrest Without Violence is charged. This could be due to the fact that a suspect simply pulls his arm back upon being cuffed.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence take a look at our article entitled What you should know about DUI. If you’re any further questions do not hesitate to call us anytime on any day of the week.

Presumption of Innocence

The Criminal Attorneys of William Moore Criminal Defense explain that under the American justice system, an individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The defendant has a legal right to remain silent and not provide even the slightest evidence in his or her favor to prove innocence. Unless the prosecution can offer valid and convincing arguments and evidence to prove the defendant guilty, the conviction against the defendant cannot be reached. In fact, the prosecution must show before a jury or judge that the defendant’s guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the defense can manage to cast any reasonable doubt upon the prosecution’s theory and evidence of guilt, the jury should find the defendant not guilty. This standard has been kept very high under the law, which encourages defendants and their lawyers to focus on casting some reasonable doubt on the case built by the prosecution. Experienced Florida criminal defense attorneys may be able to provide best legal support to a defendant in such cases.

Would you like to find out more about Offense Specific Representation? Contact William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys in Broward County with questions.

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