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According to statistics, a large number of cases of domestic violence have been registered in Florida in recent years. As per the statistics reported by William Criminal Lawyers in Broward County, the most frequent act of domestic violence involves simple assault. Over 77.2% domestic violence cases consisted of simple assault. These offenses included 75.9% of female victims and 24.1% of male victims.

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In Florida, it is an offense or a violation to cause physical discomfort to another adult, regardless of how the two adults are related. Florida law law gives the right to protection to every victim of domestic violence through Temporary Restraining Orders where a victim requires immediate protection. Domestic violence lawyers in Broward warn that a violation of a TRO, even prior to the first hearing, will result in and arrest and subsequent criminal charges being filed.

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Florida Criminal Statutes define  the crime of domestic violence as any kind of assault such as battery, aggravated assault, sexual assault, sexual battery or acts such as stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, which lead to fear of harm, physical injury or death of any family member by another family member. A person may be charged with domestic violence, if he or she is a spouse, a former spouse, or a blood relative of the victim. Even if the suspect has not been married to the victim but has a child with him/her. Offenders who previously resided with the alleged victim may also be charged with domestic battery.

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Penalty for Domestic Violence Convictions

In Florida, a charge of domestic violence can result in a minimum five days of detention in a county jail. Depending on the circumstances of crime, the prosecution may elect to file felony charges and request the court to sentence the accused a jail term in state prison. On the other hand, William Moore Domestic Violence Lawyers explain that the court also has a right to sentence an offender to community service and probation. Domestic violence is often charged as an enhanced battery charge (depending on the circumstances) which may result in a first, or third degree felony depending on injury or state of the victim (such as with pregnant victims). A first-degree misdemeanor may result in a county jail sentence, where a third degree penalty may result in up to a maximum five year imprisonment defending on the offender’s criminal history. If a domestic violence is charged as, a second-degree felony then the accused may have to spend 15 years in prison.

Domestic Violence Prosecution in Broward County, Florida

According to Violent Crime Lawyer, in 2005 there were 120,386 reported incidents of domestic violence in Florida. Government and law enforcement agencies have developed special laws and policies for prosecutors so that they can effectively handle the anxiety and trial of the victim. Victim advocates also counsel, advise, and protect the abused. Certain laws that surfaced in recent years have been found to violate the confrontation clause and thus our criminal rights according to William Moore Criminal Defense in Broward County, Florida. If you have questions, give us a call. There is never a charge to ask us questions about your case.

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