DUI Case Evaluation Form

Arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale Florida


If you’ve recently been arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale Florida and want us to evaluate your case for potential defenses that you may have used the form below and provide as much information as possible with respect to your arrest for DUI.

Attorney William R. Moore will review all information submitted and get back with you within 30 minutes or less.

List all prior DUI arrests occurring anywhere in the world.
Indicate the date time and specific location in Fort Lauderdale with the arrest occurred.
Include information as to whether not you believe that this officer was Broward County Sheriff's office DUI task force. A DUI task force officer usually arrives on the scene after being called by the stopping officer requiring you to wait anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes for their arrival. A DUI task force officer in Broward County would have most likely had you perform field sobriety exercises in front of his patrol car as it is equipped with video surveillance equipment to record your results and potentially use this evidence at trial.
Field Sobriety Exercises (Separate Form)
In many circumstances it is your performance on the roadside sobriety exercises in the accompanying video that helps the defense in securing a favorable outcome in your DUI case
Describe the events leading up to your arrest for DUI what were you doing the hours prior to your being stopped. Issues such as where you were whether it be a bar where a party can come into play when evaluating an arrest for DUI. Include all information pertaining to your whereabouts and what you were doing prior to being stopped or contacted by Broward Sheriff's office deputies or Fort Lauderdale police officers.
Statements can be used to against you and are often considered admissions when they are tantamount to words that may be used as evidence in seeking a conviction. Oftentimes however, statements made to police officers can be used in your favor as they may adequately explain lawful activities and lucidity or non-impairment. Statements made on the scene or even after your arrest may off and establish credibility making you seem more truthful when it comes to defending your DUI arrest.
Most often in DUI investigations Miranda warnings are not given. This is because most evidence elicited are considered non-testimonial in nature. Will be happy to explain more about non-testimonial evidence and you're right to an attorney during a DUI investigation when you consult with us was there another vehicle involved in your DUI arrest? In other words was there an accident or did somebody stop and pull over to provide testimony either for or against you after being stopped by either Broward County Sheriff's officer or Fort Lauderdale police officer.
Do you know of any witnesses that were either on scene or saw you prior to your being pulled over for DUI the can testify to your lucidity or non-impairment. Often time’s witnesses who were in your presence prior to your getting behind the wheel of an automobile can testify that you were not drinking or using illicit substances before driving. This testimony can be crucial and formulate your DUI defense according to William R. Moore.
Do you know if your vehicle was searched during the DUI Investigation? If so when did the search occur. Did you give consent to the search. Provide all information regarding the search of your automobile or statements that you made that may have either given the authority to police officers to search your vehicle or have restricted it. Often time’s police officers will attempt to use what's called an inventory search to justify the search of an automobile but this can often be overcome by tactical defense work according to William R. Moore.
Use of chemical testing in Broward County DUI investigations is quite common did you submit to a breath blood or urine analysis? If so explain the circumstances that this explain the circumstances in which this chemical testing took place. Were you forced to perform the test? Were you made promises or were you told that you had no choice and that you must submit to either breath blood for urinalysis?
Do you know the results of any breath blood or urinalysis test performed in your DUI investigation?
Roadside Sobriety Exercises (Separate Form)
Field sobriety exercises are conducted on a regular basis when investigating DUI's and Broward County did you submit to fields writing exercises question if so please add the field sobriety exercises form so that we may for further and more completely evaluate your DUI arrest for possible defenses.
A word about DUI Prosecution in Broward County
DUI prosecution in Broward County is very complex as it is throughout the rest the nation. Many factors come into play and the more information you can provide to William R. Moore, the better we will be able to provide you with a more detailed and complete analysis, preliminary to your fighting the DUI charges. Remember, you may always come in and speak with us at no charge by contacting us either by telephone or email. After completing this form attorney William R. Moore will get back with you personally in less than 30 minutes so be sure to leave contact information with her peak a telephone number or an email. Attorney William Moore may be reached directly on the law firm hotline by calling 954-523-5333 or by visiting his office at one financial Plaza, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394.
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