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Florida Criminal Justice System

Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice process begins when someone makes an allegation that a crime has occurred. The allegation can be made by a law enforcement officer and without any evidence from independent witnesses where that officer observed the crime.

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Basic information about the Criminal Justice Process

The person believed to have committed the crime by officers is referred to as the suspect.

It is at this stage in the Florida justice process that is the best point at which to contact a criminal defense attorney. This is due to the fact that the investigative phase has not yet begun which would allow appropriate intervention by counsel. The suspect’s right to remain silent should also be invoked at this stage.

Criminal Investigation

Once an individual is named as a suspect, criminal detectives begin the investigative stage. The complaining witness or named victim will make a statement in written reports will be made. If the only witness involves law enforcement, the officers will make written reports documenting what they observed.

If the investigating officer determines that there are other witnesses to the crime, she may take the statements from these individuals.

Evidence Gathering and Forensics.

Additional evidence, if available, will be gathered at this time including physical evidence located at the crime scene. Certain criminal offenses routinely involve the taking of photographs ended up video images of the scene and evidence, and retrieving relative evidence from locations.

Crime scene analysts may be asked to test various pieces of evidence or conduct examinations that may reveal further incriminating or exculpatory evidence. This includes fingerprint analysis, chemical analysis and forensic examination of various substances.

The suspect will later become the criminal defendant and should be represented by a competent defense attorney at this time. This is advisable especially in cases where a voluntary  surrender into custody is to be arranged.


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The suspect is arrested at this phase in Broward County either by voluntary surrender or by officers locating him or her and arresting by force.