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Conditions of Probation

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Probation is a sentencing option available to the court provided a defendant qualifies under Florida guidelines and the imposition of supervision is otherwise appropriate. Broward County criminal court judges are generally amenable to probation sentences in lieu of a defendant’s having to serve lengthy prison sentences in a Florida Corrections Facility.

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Lenient probation sentences handed down by Broward County Circuit Court judges over the years have occasionally brought criticism by the local media charged and or rehabilitation with covering courthouse activities. The function served by options such as probation and community control, however, keeps this alternative form of punishment commonplace in the 17th judicial circuit.

A criminal defendant wishing to resolve their case may be afforded an opportunity to be supervised by the Department of Corrections rather than being incarcerated.

General Explanation of Probation

A criminal defendant wishing to resolve their case may be afforded an opportunity to be supervised by the Department of Corrections rather than being incarcerated. Probationary sentences are always for a specified period of time as laid out by the court upon a criminal cases resolution. Defendants must not get in any further trouble while being supervised by Broward County probation officers. New arrests will immediately result in violation proceedings for supervised individuals serving out a probationary sentence.

A sentence of probation is seen as an exercise in leniency by our Broward County criminal court judges. Defendants that violate their probation are sometimes viewed as having shown disrespect to the judiciary that may consider the plea originally offered as being an opportunity rather than punishment.

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Defendants considering accepting a probationary sentence in order to facilitate plea negotiations are always cautioned against accepting probation unless he or she is fully committed to succeeding according to the department of corrections termsprobation terms

Basic Requirements of Probation

Defendants placed on probation must adhere strictly to general and special conditions that the court imposes.

Defendants may be required to:

  • Report to the sentencing jurisdictions probation department on a regular basis in order to be interviewed by their assigned probation officer.
  • Refrain completely from using alcohol and or controlled substances unless prescribed and approved by a licensed physician in Florida
  • Undergo random drug and alcohol screening at the defendant’s expense
  • Attend anger management classes
  • Attend driver safety classes
  • Attend psychological counseling
  • Successfully complete a substance abuse and treatment program
  • Attend a narcotics anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting over a specified period of time with a designated number of times per week or month as laid out in the probation terms
  • Live in a halfway house or recovery center for a specified period of time
  • Pay restitution as ordered by the court
  • Write letters of apology to all named victims and persons otherwise affected by the underlying criminal action giving rise to the probationary sentence pay the cost of probation supervision

Bizarre Conditions Generally Upheld as Lawful

Mandatory conditions of probation can vary from courtroom to courtroom. Requirements that seem on Orthodox under our criminal justice system will be upheld provided they have some relationship to a defendant’s underlying offense and or rehabilitation.

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