Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure Lawyers in Florida Define the Crime:

“Indecent exposure or an intentional exposure of sexual organs under Florida law is treated as a serious criminal offense. It can invite a significant punishment for a person convicted of this crime.” More information on defense offered by our firm can be obtained by contacting Fort Lauderdale Sex Crimes Lawyer James Weick.

Indecent Exposure Lawyers in FloridaYou may wish to contact William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys in Broward County:

Potential penalties are involved as a part of the punishment, and the convicted person can face challenges with regard to college admissions, employment prospects, attaining a professional license, and similar other aspects of everyday life. Experienced Florida criminal defense attorneys may be contacted to explore legal options in case an individual is charged with indecent exposure.

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Indecent Exposure Lawyers Warn:

“Under Florida law, it is a crime to exhibit or expose one’s sexual organs in an indecent or vulgar manner, in public places or the private premises of someone, or so close thereto so that it can be viewed from such private premises, or to be unclothed in public with the exception of any place designated for that purpose.” –Florida Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Jim Weick

The crime of indecent exposure can be proved in a court of law if the prosecution manages to establish these four elements of the act beyond a reasonable doubt:

1.The defendant was naked or exhibited or exposed his or her sexual organs.

2.The defendant committed such an act in either a public area, or on the private premises of another person, or so close to the private premises of that person as to become visible from those premises.

3.The intention of the defendant was to expose or exhibit his or her nakedness or sexual organs in an indecent, vulgar, lewd, or lascivious manner.

4.The act of exhibition, exposure of nakedness was actually done in an indecent, vulgar, lewd or lascivious manner.

The Florida statute makes use of terms ‘indecent’, ‘vulgar’, ‘lewd’, and ‘lascivious’. These terms under the law refer to an act of unlawful indulgence in sexual lust or a lustful, wicket, licentious, unchaste, or sensual intent on part of the individual performing the act.

“An act of exposure or exhibition will not be considered indecent, vulgar, lewd, or lascivious unless it offends at least one or more individuals viewing such act, or unless the act intrudes upon others’ rights in a substantive way.” –Sex Crime Attorney Jim Weick

The law further defines a ‘public place’ as any place that is designed or intended to be frequently visited by the general public. If the case of indecent exposure involves an act committed in a public place, the requirement of at least one person being offended by such an act is removed.

“If the act was committed on or close to the private premises of another person, away from the view of general public, it is necessary to prove that someone was offended by the act.” –FL Sex Crime Lawyer Jim Weick

Exposure of sexual organs or indecent exposure in Florida is regarded as a misdemeanor of the first degree, and may include punishment of up to one year in jail. Nudity and breastfeeding are not treated as indecent exposure in the state of Florida.

Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyers in Broward can defend you against criminal allegations that can leave a social stigma.  If you or a loved one has just been arrested for indecent exposure in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County area or are facing criminal charges with respect to indecent exposure allegations, contact Sex Crimes Attorney at William Moore Criminal Defense for immediate legal answers and available representation.

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