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Accessory Arrests

If you have been Arrested for Accessory to a Crime, call our Broward County Criminal Attorneys for a free case evaluation. Accessory to a Crime An accessory is someone who helps in the commission of a crime according to the Broward County Criminal Attorneys of William Moore Criminal Defense. Even though he does not actually participate in the crime. An accessory before the fact is a person who knows about and aids or abets the principal in the commission of the crime. Broward County Criminal Attorneys of William Moore Home

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Our Broward County Criminal Attorneys, explain that a person may be tried as an accessory after the fact (F.S. §910.13) in the county that that person became an accessory as well as in any other county in which the person who committed a crime (the principal).

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The principal is the person who actually commits the crime. An accessory gives general or limited help and/or encouragement. You can become an accessory [after the fact] if you do not report a crime you know has occurred. The charging authority must be able to prove that you had knowledge of the crime. It must also be able to prove that you had knowledge that your action or inaction helped the criminal to escape or evade (avoid) detection. You may also be accused of being an accessory if you give financial or even emotional assistance. For even more complexities involving this statute, contact our Fort Lauderdale criminal attorneys. For example, there are some exceptions to the above mentioned rule – if your spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister committed a crime, you may not be charged with the crime of being an accessory. Your trial cannot occur before the trial of the principal (the person alleged to have committed the crime), unless you consent to being tried before this person. You may be accused as an accessory, even if you are related, if the principal committed acts of child abuse, child neglect, manslaughter of a child younger than 18, or murder of a child younger than 18 according to Broward County Criminal Attorneys of William Moore. If you want to know more about this article or others contained within this website, contact a William Moore Criminal Defense attorney.