Arrested for Robbery



Over the last few months my son has been hanging out with the wrong crowd which ultimately resulted in him being arrested for robbery in Fort Lauderdale. After being read his rights, he admitted to being at the location where the robbery occurred and also that he knew what his friends were going to do. Other than that there was nothing to indicate he participated in any way in the illegal act. Can he be convicted, even though he didn’t do anything?


If there is no evidence that your son actually assisted the other boys in committing the robbery, the state attorney’s office may be persuaded to refrain from pursuing any charges. Knowledge that a crime is about to be committed, even when coupled with a suspect’s being present at the scene, wouldn’t be enough to secure a conviction. Under these facts the state’s case would be entirely circumstantial and absent additional allegations wouldn’t refute any reasonable hypothesis of innocence. Unless there is something else that you do not know, the state should decline any prosecution against your son. Remember, a seasoned criminal defense attorney will be best suited to discuss this matter with the prosecutor’s office.

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