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Search of Automobile

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In Florida DUI Cases an Inventory Search of Automobiles is Conducted.

Fort Lauderdale police officers may attempt to circumvent constitutional protection in a criminal investigation by conducting an inventory of an impounded Automobile.  A qualified criminal lawyer should know that in a number of situations the police may find themselves in control of an automobile, but without probable cause to search the vehicle.

“For example, the vehicle may have been towed for illegal parking, or as in a recent local investigation, the police arrest the driver and then search his/her vehicle justifying their actions by claiming that officers must take steps to protect the vehicle from theft or vandalism” explains Florida DUI Attorney William Moore.

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Florida DUI Cases Allow Officers to Conduct what would otherwise be an Illegal Search.

The police may merely lock the vehicle and place it in an impoundment lot, or they may inventory the property contained within the vehicle. Even where a criminal attorney argues that an inventory of the contents of the vehicle is an intrusion upon privacy and thus covered by the Fourth Amendment. This intrusion, does not require probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence of a crime.

Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers handling such a case must take great care in formulating deposition questions in an attempt to truly uncover the police officers motives in searching an impounded vehicle. Florida DUI Cases are argued to evolve into bad law which ultimately has the effect of eroding our constitutional right.

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