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Pharmacology is the study or the science of drugs, their sources, physiochemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses. It is the examination of drugs with respect to:

Mode of actions

Side effects


Range of dosage

Rate and route of excretion

Individual differences in responses, such as:

Idiosyncratic or Allergic Reactions

Interactions with other drugs.


Coconut Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer – Selective Prosecution in Drug Cases

“Selective prosecution is a claim by a defendant that his prosecution is based on reasons forbidden by the Equal Protection Clause. Much like an equal protection claim, a successful selective prosecution claim requires the defendant to prove that the prosecutorial selection of the defendant had both a discriminatory effect  and a discriminatory purpose. It is perhaps for this reason that claims of selective prosecution have encountered about as much success as equal protection claims.”


Coconut Creek Criminal Defense AttorneysCoconut Creek is otherwise known as the butterfly capital of the world. The city is home to over 1600 operating businesses and is a certified wildlife habitat. If you have been arrested in the Coconut Creek area, call the criminal defense lawyers at William Moore so that we may discuss your case.

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