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Margate Criminal Attorneys

William Moore Criminal Defense offers diligent representation of clients in Margate. For more information please contact Lawyer William Moore today. The criminal defense attorneys at William Moore Criminal Defense have been representing clients in South Florida for over a decade. If you have been charged with a crime and are unsure about how to proceed, please call any of our offices and schedule a complimentary criminal case consultation today.

William Moore defends individuals charged with the following criminal offenses:

•    Aiding & Abetting / Accessory
•    Arson crimes
•    Assault / Battery
•    Bribery
•    Burglary
•    Child Abuse and Neglect
•    Child Pornography and Internet Crimes
•    Computer Crime
•    Conspiracy and Aiding
•    Credit / Debit Card Fraud
•    Disorderly Conduct/Resisting
•    Domestic Violence Charges
•    Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing
•    Drug Distribution / Trafficking / Substantial Assistance
•    Drug Possession & Sale of Illegal Narcotics
•    DUI – Driving Under the Influence
•    Embezzlement – White Collar
•    Extortion
•    Forgery
•    Hate Crimes
•    Indecent Exposure
•    Identity Theft
•    Insurance Fraud
•    Kidnapping – False Imprisonment
•    Manslaughter: Involuntary
•    Manslaughter: Voluntary
•    Money Laundering
•    Murder: First-degree
•    Murder: Second-degree
•    Perjury
•    Prostitution
•    Pyramid Schemes
•    Racketeering / RICO
•    Rape
•    Robbery
•    Securities Fraud
•    Sexual Assault
•    Stalking
•    Tax Evasion / Fraud
•    Telemarketing Fraud
•    Theft / Larceny
Criminal Attorney Broward•    Wire Fraud


Criminal Attorney Margate Florida Fact:

Where the defendant has stolen several items, which together meet the amount for grand larceny, but no item meets it separately, the status of the offense depends on the circumstances. If the items were stolen at one time from one victim, the aggregate value will usually be considered. Also, property taken at the same time from several people will usually be aggregated, on the grounds that all the takings are part of a single scheme.