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Our criminal defense lawyers have been defending the residents of Plantation, Florida for almost 20 years. Considered to be a city with an aggressive police force, Plantation enjoys an overall reduced crime rate as compared to other cities of its size throughout the state of Florida. At the same time, overzealous policing of any community is not without its drawbacks.

Plantation criminal defense attorney William Moore admits that this particular city employs a very reputable and qualified group of skilled officers. These cops are at the top tier when it comes to ethics and tolerance while conducting criminal investigations.

I have been in and out of courtrooms with these law enforcement officers for 20 years. Even though we are on opposite sides of the criminal litigation fence, I have never once experienced a Plantation police officer’s having treated me negatively following a strong cross-examination by either myself or a member of my law firm. These guys are professionals. They are also good at conducting investigations. I have handled hundreds of hearings that turned from a battle into a bloodbath all for the benefit of my client.

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They don’t like to break when they are set in their testimony.

William Moore has been practicing as a plantation criminal lawyer for the entirety of his career and explains that despite having endured some of the most heated arguments in the past two decades with plantation police officers, not a one has ever taken anything that happened during the fight personally. Criminal defense attorneys are taught this tact in law school by trial advocacy professors and criminal law adjuncts with great vigor. You generally don’t see an entire police force that as a whole and individually maintains almost a strategic cool.

When officers have received this kind of training along with working for a department that utilizes skilled recruiters, you end up with a policing power that is quasi-political in nature. There is an element of power there that is not readily accepted by a certain demographic of residents. People that become irritated by others in positions of authority will respond twice as bad with the polished officer. People inadvertently go a bit too far under the circumstances. The intimidation can cross a line where a citizen is intimidated by a uniformed officer who may be intentionally or unintentionally exuding confidence in an almost fluid like play-by-play of investigatory work or even simple citizen contact.

Alex Rae, a publicist with the William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm claims that it is difficult to explain but has seen it firsthand. Having grown up in South Florida, Alex has spent a great deal of time in the Planation area.

I always knew it existed, however it wasn’t until I began writing columns on Broward County crime that I fully appreciated just how much undeserved animosity exists among a small fraction of South Florida residents and is directed at officers who can only be described as being in full time cop mode.

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Robert Baker, an audiovisual tech who has worked on various jobs for local Broward County Police Department’s for the last 10 years disagrees that there is something unique about plantation law enforcement officers that somehow draws out the worst in a personality type that is more prone to challenge authority. Robert has worked with plantation criminal defense attorneys for just as long as he has done contract work for local law enforcement.

Criminal attorneys in Plantation are in the know when it comes to law enforcement and crime occurring in the city. If cops are like political figures than the defense attorneys are like the gossip queens. Any lawyer who has been practicing in the city of plantation for more than a few years knows that this is just a rumor that got out of control. In 2001 some of our union workers were commenting about how tough the cops were in the city before being stationed here for a few weeks. Everyone was saying be careful.

Plantation cops of the nicest that I had the pleasure of knowing in Florida. I’ve never even seen one writer ticket. But I know they do.

Criminal defense attorney William Moore reminds residents that whenever they are approached by a law enforcement officer, for whatever reason, there are certain things keep in mind. Specifically, things you want to do in actions that you want to avoid. Try to remember that police officers have a dangerous job which involves communicating with the general public. Don’t be quick to assume that if a police officer makes contact that they are harassing or suspect you committing crime. Even if you don’t agree with the police officer who makes contact with either you or those around you, remind yourself that by showing just a little bit of respect as opposed to animosity, you may more quickly and easily move fast encounter and get on to whatever it is that you are doing.

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According to one police officer interviewed, stereotypes exist not only to the forest but to everybody involved in the criminal justice system. For example criminal defense attorneys in plantation Florida have so much knowledge when it comes to how to deal with law enforcement that even these polished officers feel like defense counsel is pulling one over on them with every encounter.

If you have been arrested in Plantation, contact our criminal defense team and learn what is to be expected in the days ahead. Get information about skilled criminal defense lawyers and how the arrest/prosecution process works in Broward County. There is a wealth of information online that may easily be obtained and can outline any South Florida criminal practitioner’s work experience and case history. The difference between when defense attorney skill in defending criminal charges over another’s can make all the difference in the world.

When it comes to serious offenses, the fact is, that an accused is either going to win or lose. Meaning, their case will have either a favorable or unfavorable result. The people that we have represented in the past 20 years are in the thousands. Each and every one knows how to appropriately label the resolution of their individual criminal matter following our representation.

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