DUI Overview

DUI Overview

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If you find the material difficult to understand, you may want to ask your instructor while attending DUI School Florida. Remember, attending DUI School Florida is not an admission of guilt in any way. In fact, the most experienced and skilled lawyers practicing in the State of Florida insist that their clients attend. This is true even if the aforementioned criminal attorney is certain to beat the case. This is a tactical move that is right on point.

In Florida, it is possible to prove that an individual was driving under the influence by proving that the individual had a breath or blood alcohol level of at least .08 or the individual’s natural faculties were impaired.

Our Leading DUI Defense Attorneys in Broward County, Florida routinely challenge intoxilyzer results in an attempt to weaken the state attorneys case.

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Charges for Driving Under the Influence are considered Criminal Charges under the Florida Law. It is important to know your rights and seek out legal representation. Choosing to focus on this complex area of criminal defense, the Drunk Driving Attorneys at The William Moore Law Firm have successfully represented hundreds of DUI cases in Broward County. Contact Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorneys to answer any questions you may have on this complex area of criminal defense.

Penalties in Case of Conviction

Irrespective of the manner in which the prosecution proved the offense, the penalties remain the same upon conviction. A first DUI offense may attract fine of anywhere between $250 and $500, in addition to the court’s costs. If the breath or blood alcohol level of the person is found to be .15 or higher, or the person was driving accompanied by an individual under the age of 18, the fine will increase to anywhere between $500 and $1,000, in addition to the court costs.

Apart from the fine, the convicted person is put on probation not exceeding one year. During the period of probation, the convicted person is required to perform at least 50 hours of community service. Furthermore, the probation period includes a license revocation for six months to one year, impounding of the motor vehicle for 10 days, and DUI schooling. See above where we briefly discussed DUI School Florida. The convicted person can also be jailed for up to six months. A DUI defense lawyer in Florida may better explain the penalties associated with a conviction for DUI

When does a DUI Defense Begin?

The case against the driver begins the moment a law enforcement officer stops the driver. The officer may stop the vehicle upon noticing a violation of traffic rules or another traffic infraction. Once the driver stops the vehicle, the police officer will observe the person’s overall demeanor and actions, and whether he or she smells of alcohol.

If there is a suspicion of impairment, the officer has a right under the Florida DUI laws to ask the driver to give a field sobriety test. The test involves a series of physical exercises that require an individual to perform more than a single thing at one time. It helps the officer observe how the individual is responding to such instructions. However, the law does not state that the individual must undertake these tests.

Arrested for DUI in Broward

If there is a suspicion of impairment, the law enforcement officer can place the driver under arrest. The driver can be taken to jail to offer the opportunity of a breathalyzer exam. This test can measure an individual’s blood or breath alcohol level. The suspect can be placed in jail even if he or she blows under the limit of .08. The suspect also has a right to get in touch with a DUI defense attorney in order to protect his or her rights.

The suspect is also asked to undergo a urine test in case he or she blows below .08. This test helps determine whether the person is under the influence of any controlled substance. If the suspect refuses to undergo blood, breath or urine tests, it can result in suspension of the license for one year in case of first refusal. The person has a time of 10 days to challenge the suspension in court.

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