Florida DUI Law

Florida DUI Law

DUI Lawyers in Broward County Question the Deterrent Effect of Increased Arrests of Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is said to occur under the law when an individual is driving or operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol based beverages to an extent that it impairs his or her ability to drive the vehicle. It is also commonly known as Driving Under Influence (DUI) (, Driving While Impaired (DWI), or Operating Under the Influence of Liquor (OUIL). It is immaterial under the law whether the person charged with DUI was driving fine.

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As long as the blood alcohol content of the driver is found to be in excess of 0.08 percent, which is the legal limit, the driver can be charged and convicted even if he or she claims that the alcohol consumption had no adverse effect on driving. Under these circumstances a defendant, by and through his or her DUI defense attorney argue the position of non-impairment after criminal charges have been filed

Factors that Invoke Suspicion of a DUI

Law enforcement officers consider a number of factors that may make them suspect that the driver may be driving under the influence of alcohol. If the driver is applying poor driving skills such as making wide turns, nearly striking an object or another automobile, stopping suddenly in the middle of traffic, driving abnormally slowly, swerving or drifting conspicuously, or responding poorly to traffic signals, he or she may be stopped for a blood alcohol test.

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If the driver is driving off the roadway, following another vehicle very closely, driving without putting on the headlights at night, or taking sudden turns, such behavior may also arouse the suspicion of the police and the idea of a DUI may come to mind. Police suspect drunk driving when a vehicle is swerving in both directions. Overspeeding by itself is not usually considered a sign of drunk driving. If the driver has stopped the vehicle due to a mechanical issue, and the law enforcement officer finds him or her showing signs of bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, lack of coordination, poor balance or smell of alcohol, he may investigate further or effect an arrest.

Impact on Vehicle Insurance

When a driver is charged with the offense of driving under the influence, in most cases, the insurance rates will increase substantially. The rates may differ from one insurance provider to another, and also depending on the local laws, but it is rare from a driver charged with DUI to escape an increase in the cost of motor insurance. A conviction in case of drunk driving proves expensive in the long run because most insurance companies will refuse to provide cheaper coverage to the convicted driver.

The convicted driver may not succeed in shopping around for cheaper rates, and may have to bear higher costs because of being viewed as a “high risk” driver. A criminal attorney is the best way to minimize the exposure to penalties and/or possibly avoid a conviction in DUI case. In a few cases, the insurance may be cancelled, and a new insurance with another company may have to be purchased at a higher rate much to the driver’s dismay.

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