Alcohol Abuse & Crimes

Alcohol Abuse & Crimes

What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence? Alcohol abuse means that you do dangerous things, such as drinking and driving. Alcohol abuse can ruin relationships, get you fired from your job and lead to legal problems, among other things.

Alcohol dependence means you can not live without alcohol. Even if you only drink one drink per day, but you must have that drink – you have now become alcohol dependent. Alcohol abuse leads to dependency, and most people who are dependent on alcohol, generally do not stop at just one or two. These individuals will actually crave alcohol, even though they know it gets them in trouble with relationships, work and the law. -Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Census

Some of the symptoms of alcohol abuse or dependence include:

  1. Being drunk a lot and/or for long periods of times
  2. Drinking in the morning
  3. Drinking alone
  4. Hiding your drinking problem (for example, buying alcohol at different stores, hiding bottles from family and friends)
  5. Feeling guilty after drinking
  6. Blackout
  7. Being worried that you won’t have enough alcohol for the night or weekend

These are just some of the things that are symptoms of alcohol abuse and/or dependency.

According to a William Moore Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney some facts about alcohol include:

  1. Reduced alertness and impairment of judgment (this usually is seen in DUI cases – you can not operate machinery, including a vehicle, as well as you can when you are straight).
  2. Alcohol can change your personality, and can have dire effects depending on the mood you are in when you get drunk. It can turn the most docile person into someone who is physically and mentally abusive to his or her significant other, family and friends.
  3. The probability of getting in an accident or getting a DUI increases with each drink.
  4. It takes about one hour for one average (not overly strong) drink to leave your system. With some people, it may take more, some may take less. If you have four drinks in a row, you can expect to be intoxicated for at least four hours.
  5. Only time will sober a person up – coffee, showers or anything else will not sober you up faster. It takes time for the liver to clean the blood, removing the alcohol from the body. Alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood.
  6. Alcohol is deemed a drug (medically speaking) and a depressant. If combined with other depressants, it can be dangerous to your health, and can cause serious highway safety issues.

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