Pretrial Motions Commonly Filed by DUI Attorneys

DUI Attorneys in Broward County Commonly Team Up and File Mass-Pretrial Motions Seeking to Exclude Breath Results on Hundreds of DUI Cases. 

Broward County DUI Attorneys
DUI Lawyers in Broward often group together to file mass motions challenging breath results.

These motions are filed about every three years which represents the amount of time the cases take to argue and ruled upon. 

DUI defense is considered to be one of the most complex areas of criminal law according to Broward DUI Attorneys. DUI litigation carries the threat of minimum mandatory sentences, double jeopardy violations, Intoxilyzer engineering, toxicology, video and audio surveillance, in addition to an almost endless list of constitutional implications.

The defending of a DUI does not involve a criminal defense attorney’s merely looking at the DUI video in order to determine if the client appears intoxicated.

DUI defense goes much deeper according to Broward County DUI Attorney William Moore

Criminal lawyers who focus on defending DUI related offenses in Broward County required our lawyers to consistently  strive to develop innovative DUI defense strategy in order to ensure the protection of a client’s rights against an over-zealous prosecution motivated by this politically charged crime.

Pretrial motions are the most powerful weapon that a Florida DUI attorney has against the State in preventing a conviction. Common pretrial motions used by this firm include:

  • Motion to suppress chemical tests;
  • Motion to suppress breath tests;
  • Motion to suppress blood tests;
  • Motion to suppress urine tests;
  • Motion to suppress field sobriety exercises;
  • Motion to suppress statements of the defendant;
  • Motions to suppress DUI videotape;
  • Motion to suppress audio portions of DUI videotape;
  • Motion to suppress horizontal gaze nystagmus testing;
  • Motion to dismiss based on destruction of favorable evidence to the defense;
  • Motion to suppress based on illegal stop;
  • Motion to suppress based on lack of probable cause;
  • Motion to dismiss based on entrapment; and
  • Motion to dismiss an aggravated charge.

William Moore Criminal Defense is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense law firm offering decades of experienced legal representation for specific offenses such as DUI arrests occurring in Broward.

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