How does a DUI Effect Employment and Future?

How does a DUI Effect Employment and Future?

Effect on Employment

Sentences for a DUI will effect a individuals future education and career goals. A DUI conviction can destroy someone’s career overnight. Whether an accused is already employed, looking for employment or enrolled in school, the ramifications of this permanent criminal mark can have immeasurable consequences.

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The limitation on one’s driving privileges following a conviction for DUI may be the least harmful blow to one’s existing or potential career opportunities. It’s the criminal record that can be the killer. The fact of the matter is that most employers or institutions of higher learning will simply reject an applicant who has such a conviction reflected on their arrest record. DUI convictions can never be sealed, and any position that requires on the job driving may render an organization for which you are employed liable for having you on the payroll. On the job driving does not mean driving a vehicle for a company, but rather can extend to an office worker’s simply driving to pick up lunch for the staff, while utilizing their own personal automobile. Insurance carriers of major corporations make it clear that the hiring of individuals with DUI convictions increase the odds of subjecting a company to liability. Should you already be gainfully employed and are considering resolving your pending DUI charge, always be certain to learn your employer’s stance before entering into a guilty or no contest plea. Entry into any profession which requires licensing may be inhibited or barred by a single DUI conviction.

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