DUI Insurance

Following an arrest for Drunk Driving in Broward County, Florida, you may be dropped from you current carrier. However, there are options.

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer William Moore often lectures on Driving Under the Influence Issues. Recently, he explained that all insurance companies check their insured’s motor vehicle records every few years. Customers applying for new policies are required to have their record inspected before a new policy is written. In the past, tickets and traffic/criminal infractions such as DUI could have missed appearing on one’s record, and subsequently been missed by the DMV and insurance companies. Today, however, with advances in computer technology and the internet, it is almost unheard of for any insurance company to miss a DUI conviction of an insured.

Upon learning of a DUI conviction, insurance companies will either raise rates immediately or cancel an existing policy. Notices are sent out almost without delay and any insurance company can cancel the policy of one of its customers even before that individual is convicted of the offense charged.

Florida requires all drivers previously convicted of a DUI to obtain an SR-22 policy from their insurers. An SR-22 policy requires insurance companies to notify the DMV if they in fact, cancel your policy for any reason.

Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Moore Emphasizes the Importance of maintaining car insurance while charges are pending

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