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Strange Florida DUI Facts

Florida DUI Facts

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Charges for a DUI are considered Criminal Charges under the Florida Law. It is important to know your rights and seek out legal representation if arrested for this offense.

•    People have been convicted of DUI in Florida for operating lawn mowers while intoxicated.
•    Certain states have sought to convict people for DUI where the motor vehicle was a horse.
•    It is not illegal to down a bottle of vodka in under two minutes, get behind the wheel of a car, and immediately drive down the street to a neighbor’s house. Alcohol must be absorbed into the blood before your faculties can be impaired. Never, ever try something like this.
•    Driving as a necessity to save someone’s life while impaired is not illegal.
•    You can be convicted of DUI if officers find you “sleeping it off” behind the wheel of an automobile that is not running.
•    If you are impaired and a police officer orders you to move your vehicle, you can raise the defense of entrapment.
•    In the past, lawyers have attempted to use intoxication as a defense to DUI charges.
•    In most cases, you are presumed to know your precise blood alcohol level in terms of percentages.
•    DUI check points are required to allow motorists an avenue to turn around and avoid police contact.
•    Blowing into a breathalyzer with a Halls Mentho-Lyptus in your mouth will produce a lethal blood alcohol content reading.
•    Contrary to urban legend, putting pennies in one’s mouth prior to submitting to a breathalyzer will not fool the machine into producing a .00 blood alcohol content reading.
•    A veteran DUI task force officer has practiced field sobriety exercises in excess of 1,000 hours. DUI suspects are not permitted to practice field sobriety exercises prior to being videotaped and submitting to the test.
•    DUI is the only crime in America whereby an individual can be convicted by a machine. Jurors are instructed that a reading of .08 or above by an Intoxilyzer may be considered proof beyond and to the exclusion of any and all reasonable doubt that a person’s normal faculties were impaired,
•    The cost of installing a video camera in a police cruiser exceeds $5,000.
•    Defendants have been required to place special license plates on their automobiles indicating that they have been convicted of DUI, while murderers and rapists are permitted to blend in by using the same license plates as the general population.
•    The Department of Motor Vehicles has a program that produces the current contact information of every neighbor that you have ever had.
•    If you are ordered by the court to obtain a substance abuse evaluation, it may be determined that you have a chemical dependency if you disclose that you have been intoxicated more than two times in one full year.
•    Certain states have pushed for legislation that would require an individual to forfeit their vehicle if arrested for DUI.
•    Your DUI arrest is already public record and can be viewed by anybody visiting www.browardclerk.org.
•    CMI Intoxilyzers are not warranted for any particular purpose.
•    The only true method of detecting a person’s level of impairment would be to test actual brain tissue.
•    Impact to the facial area from an airbag deployed as a result of an automobile accident will produce red eyes, a flushed face and slurred speech – much quicker than the consumption of alcohol.
•    CMI Intoxilyzers utilize the same computer technology that was invented in the 1970’s.
•    In a DUI case, just like all criminal cases, jurors are instructed not to consider police officers more credible than other witnesses simply because of the nature of their employment.