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Where are Florida DUI Checkpoints?

DUI Checkpoints

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The police department often set up sobriety checkpoints in the area. At a sobriety checkpoint, police officers check vehicles for intoxicated drivers. They are not permitted to pick and choose drivers, as that could lead to a biased selection process. Instead, they must have a plan in place to select vehicles for testing in advance, such as every car or every third car.

The law enforcement agency administering the checkpoint must follow strict guidelines due to the exceptionally intrusive nature of these stops. Law enforcement agencies are permitted to make these intrusions due to the state’s strong interest in removing drunk drivers from the local roads for the safety of the general public.

Sobriety checkpoints must be well-lit and offer appropriate notification on the roads so that drivers are not taken by surprise. A driver must have the opportunity to turn around and avoid the checkpoint entirely. If the law enforcement agency does not follow the guidelines, the evidence they obtain against a person arrested for DUI at the checkpoint may not be admitted against him in court.

Unfortunately, DUI checkpoints are not particularly successful in preventing DUIs. They typically net very few drunk drivers, but bring in significant amounts of revenue through citations for other traffic infractions. Although the officers are well-meaning, the sobriety checkpoints are not effective at preventing drunk driving, which is their stated goal.

Under Florida law, law enforcement officials must publicize the checkpoints in advance. For example, you may read in the newspaper that the Sheriff’s Office will be operating DUI checkpoints at specified locations in advance of big events or holidays. Click here for Information About DUI Lawyer Moore.