Fort Lauderdale Juvenile Delinquent Attorney William Moore.

West Palm Beach Florida

William Moore is a Broward criminal lawyer who has  strive to improve the art of criminal defense in South Florida  for almost 20 years. He has successfully handled thousands of cases and makes his track record available to anyone who requests it. William Moore developed an aggressive and innovative strategy over the  years designed to protect the those who seek out his help.

I William Moore has been defending people in Broward County for most 20 years.f you are in need of the Broward criminal lawyer consider this:

Attorney William Moore is the founder of William Moore Criminal Defense,  a South Florida law firm that focuses 100% of its efforts on defending people charged with criminal offenses in both Broward and Broward County. Three founding members have over 50 years of combined criminal litigation experience alone.

Broward criminal lawyer William Moore has tried to verdict over 150 criminal jury trials. In Broward County alone he has argued hundreds of motions of all degree of felony and misdemeanor  offenses.  attorney William Moore is also one of the very few lawyers to have ever been solicited and hired by an elected public defender straight from the prosecutors office in the same county.  – year 2000

 In  addition to actively defending cases on a daily basis, Broward criminal lawyer William Moore is an avid writer on Florida criminal law and defense strategy. He has authored over 1000 works specific to defending cases in both Broward and Broward County.

William Moore is available to discuss Florida Criminal Law to those contacting:

William Moore Criminal Defense
500 South Australian Avenue Suite 650
West Palm beach, FL 33401


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