Drug Treatment Programs

Repeat DUI Sentences call for mandatory jail time. However, the law also provides, in certain circumstances, an individual may be able to serve his or her jail sentence at a recovery center, where they are free to come and go and their employment continued.

The Law Offices of William R. Moore Criminal Defense has worked closely with the first step sober house over the years in assisting individuals in the recovery process and also in avoiding mandatory jail sentences where those individuals were eligible. Contact our Criminal Lawyers in Broward to learn how we can help you.
The 1st Step Sober House provides an environment which is unique to our community, specializing in providing an alternative to incarceration, as well as rehabilitation from the disease of addiction through a strict program of recovery. Their community is zero tolerant and in direct linkage with all state and local departments of probation and parole. 1st Step Sober House provides to said departments constant status reports of their clients in their program effectively being there eyes and ears to insure their clients conform to their orders. This policy has earned 1st Step Sober House a vendor’s number (3MJ) as a recognized institution for alternative housing by the State of  Florida Department of Corrections. This is a status 1st Step Sober House holds to the highest standards.

The 1st Step Sober House has formed a close partnership with the Broward County Court system over the past 10 years. The 1st Step Sober House name is common place in the courthouse and has been described as the “best go to program in town”. Judges and criminal defense attorneys (public and private utilize 1st Step Sober House on a daily basis. This keeps the 1st Step Sober House directors (Christopher Doherty and Richard Entriken) in the courthouse five (5) days a week. The 1st Step Sober House directors have developed such a demand for their program that they have had to expand twice since their humble beginnings. Today, they are again ready for expansion on a larger scale. They have a constant stream of “walk-in” clients as well as forty (40) in- custody clients waiting for beds compounded by an ever growing demand for their services.

The 1st Step Sober House program works and works well. Over the past ten (10) years 1st Step Sober House has made a difference in the lives of thousands of clients and their families. With the 1st Step Sober House proven program and dedicated staff they plan to provide the highest level of maximum service to their clients and the community at large for years to come.