Shoplifting Arrest Evaluation Form

Arrested for Shoplifting in Fort Lauderdale


If you arrested for shoplifting in Fort Lauderdale Florida or the surrounding Broward County area you may have questions with regard to penalties that you may face as well as defense is that you may have.

Complete our shoplifting form by answering the questions below an attorney William R. Moore will get back to you within 30 minutes or less to discuss the issues pertaining your case.

Your criminal history with regard to prior theft arrests and or convictions can come into play when evaluating potential penalties that you face in addition to the severity or level of crime charged by the Broward County state attorney's office. Have you been arrested for petty theft or shoplifting in the past?
Prior arrests and/or convictions can play a part in how your cases treated by both the prosecution in the court especially in Broward County Florida. Please indicate any prior arrests for offenses other than theft that have occurred anywhere in the world.
In Broward County Florida, several retail stores have policies in effect that may limit a first-time offender’s right to pretrial diversion.Pretrial diversion for pretrial intervention is a program offered by the Broward County's criminal court system to effectively remove a first-time offenders case from prosecution in an effort to seek complete dismissal of the charges. In many cases this means that the shoplifting offender may ultimately have his or her case sealed or expunged. Contact William R. Moore directly if you wish to find out more information about record ceiling eligibility. Alternatively, you may complete our Record Sealing Eligibility Form for more information.What was the name of the store that you are alleged to have stolen from?Provide information such as the address and city whether the Fort Lauderdale or any other Broward County location.
Civil fines.
Many retail stores in Broward County, Florida seek a civil remedy following in offenders being arrested for shoplifting within their store. This is often done by way of a letter sent to you directly immediately following your arrest.Were you contacted by any store seeking a civil an amount as a result of your shoplifting arrest?
The fair market value of items taken or alleged to have been taken in your shoplifting arrest can play a significant role in the severity or level of crime charged by the Broward County state attorney's office. Do you know how much the store is claiming that the value of items taken was?
Many times the most powerful defense in a shoplifting charge is the fair market value of items that were alleged to have been taken. An inflated dollar amount can lead to an enhancement of the crime charged. For instance if the alleged value of the items taken exceeded $300 when petty theft charges for shoplifting charges can be increased to a felony. Do you disagree with the them dollar amount assigned to the items that you are alleged to have taken?
In many instances a person suspected of shoplifting is detained by a store employee or owner. Florida statutes allow for shopkeeper to detain individuals suspected of theft in order to preserve property and allow for police officers to arrive. Unfortunately in many circumstances, a shopkeeper exceeds the boundaries when detaining a suspect which are allowed under Florida law. Were you detained by shopkeeper who suspected you of shoplifting?
Almost all retail establishments in Broward County, Florida are monitored by video surveillance equipment both inside and outside of the store. While these video recordings are often useful in seeking a conviction by the Broward County state attorney's office they may often effectively be used in the defense of an accused individual. Furthermore, failure to produce video evidence may be seen by the court as a destruction of exonerating evidence.Do you know of any video surveillance that exists?
Statements in the form of admissions can be used to in the prosecution for your shoplifting arrest. Alternatively certain statements may be used both to show credibility of the defendant as well as explain the circumstances which led witnesses to believe that you were stealing.Did you make any statements or have you been alleged to a made statements around her during the time of your shoplifting arrest?
Were you with friends or acquaintances at the time that you were alleged to have shoplifted from a local store?Were the people with you also accused of shoplifting?
Were individuals with you considering in totaling the full amount of items alleged to have been taken or attempted to have been taken from a local retail store?Please list all items and alleged dollar value of each below. Also indicate who is alleged to have taken or to have attempted to have taken each individual item and corresponding dollar amount.
Evaluation by Attorney William R. Moore
Attorney William R. Moore will evaluate information that you submit in this form for potential defenses that you may have in addition to the severity and level of crime anticipated to be charged by the Broward County state attorney's office. It usually takes less than 30 minutes for Attorney Moore to get back with anyone submitting a form.If you have questions and wish to speak to one of our staff directly contact us at 954-523-5333 or visit The William R. Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm at One Financial Plaza Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394.
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