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While much of the law in Florida with regard to criminal punishment makes sense, there is an even greater amount that seems to defy logic to the casual observer. The better an attorney understands the rules that govern us the better apt here she ought to be at defending people charged with crimes.

Understanding Florida Criminal Law.

According to our lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, there is much more to becoming a great criminal defense attorney then simply knowing all of the applicable Florida statutes and case interpretations cold. The exact ingredients as to what makes one criminal lawyer shine brighter than his colleagues is not based on book smarts, nor is it circumstantial.

One thing is for certain, however. The best criminal defense attorneys possess a level of Street Smarts that rivals any of the individuals that he or she could ever hope to defend. Criminal defense attorneys, if effective are not only warriors commissioned to protect those who have hired them, but also the strongest bridge between government and those whose behavior is contrary to government interest.

Florida criminal law can be both fascinating and interesting to individuals who are neither caught up in the system or involved in the practice of it. The information in this section covers an array of issues that pertain to how the Florida criminal justice system is applied in Broward County. Many of the articles written by lawyer William R Moore explained our set of law laws in a concise manner which is easy to understand. In fact, many sections refer to content that was originally either used in one of our defense cases or prepared in an effort to educate a former client or group of clients about the charges they were facing.

Criminal defense articles often intersect with regard to issues pertaining to Florida criminal law and procedure.

While reviewing information designed to explain Florida criminal law, procedure and defense tactics, keep in mind that it is quite common for issues to intersect. One specific rule under our set of criminal laws often applies in one situation and not another. For example, while the right to privacy exists in both the home and automobiles, it’s application is quite different in both circumstances with regard to its application by the Florida legislature and courts. Remember, however, that understanding our protections as laid out by the law is not the same as understanding what police officers do to preserve the admissibility of evidence for trial. It is also being made full aware that many officers have a strong motivation to gather evidence without restriction.

Criminal Trial

When we first started defending individuals charged with crimes in Broward County Florida, we considered the niche to be that criminal practitioners handled only criminal related cases. All kinds of arrests and criminal offenses were studied and defended. With the passage of almost 2 decades however, there has been an apparent shift among the lawyers who have made it their legal career’s mission to constantly strive at honing precise defense tactics and strategy.  The fact is, that before the 1990s had passed, a handful of the most young and qualified defense lawyers had already committed to focusing their entire practice on perfecting their skills and strategies toward defending one specific crime type alone.

Have you been trying to find the right lawyer to represent your defense in an up and coming criminal trial. Each member of our team has tried to verdict more criminal jury trials then a vast majority of licensed attorneys in the state of Florida. Call William Moore Criminal Defense in Broward County for more information about our practice areas and case history.

William Moore has a reputation for being an innovative trial attorney and has been noted for his hard-hitting method to criminal defense. Attorney Moore has represented countless clients throughout Florida, specifically in Broward County. Once you spend over a decade obsessing over every conceivable element of a single crime type, you start to look at the whole criminal litigation process in a different light claims Moore.

Criminal Lawyer in Broward William Moore Law Office

Aspects of our criminal justice system that appear relatively unimportant to most tend to be the most important mechanisms whereby I am able to view even the most hopeless DUI cases as sure winners.

Moore has spent the last two years of his DUI defense career intently focused on motion practice. This is drastically different than the first decade which was spent dissecting every conceivable element of the DUI jury trial. I have found that motion practice is far more powerful than I had at first anticipated. Preventing a case from proceeding forward to trial is far less stressful to the client as well, claims Moore.

Even better is the fact that should a prosecutor survive an almost surgical motion filed by my firm which was designed to take away all of his or her evidence, then we just end up in my arena, the criminal jury trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney William R. Moore may be reached for comment by contacting him by calling our firm at 954-523-5333.

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