If you have a pending criminal case in Broward County Florida you may wish to take advantage of some online services provided by this website. Many of the features do not require you to be a client of our firm and are otherwise free of charge. One such service is Casenotes, an application which allows individuals with pending criminal cases to assist in the preparation of their defense as they learn about the offense they’ve been charged with. Casenotes  compiles data obtained while you review sections of our website that explain the issues that you may face as a result of your arrest. This personal case file is available to no one other than you and all information is stored and kept secure in your online file.

Submit to Journal without having to leave the page or video being reviewed.

Users of the service simply click the case notes now button when ever they have a question are asked to submit information based on the section or are curious as to whether something that they viewed or read on our site may be an issue in their criminal case. By the time materials are reviewed, most kernel defendants have a significant compilation of facts evidence and tactical understanding which can be used to greatly strengthened their defense.Individuals charged with domestic violence will benefit from a specific section designed to grow in intensity which includes not only reading a video lectures audio and numerous questionnaire forms.

One of the best parts about  using casenotes is that information journaled by an accused using our site need only check the appropriate box to have one of our veteran criminal defense attorneys review the corresponding section and get back with a professional opinion. There is never a charge to have us review issues in your Casenotes file even if you aren’t represented by our Lawyers. Even if you are represented and are merely seeking a second opinion, when asked, we will review the progress of your online Criminal Casenotes file.

Looking for something with a little more kick? For those of you  in need of a more detailed analysis  regarding a pending criminal matter,   you may want to visit our case evaluation expansion to the Casenotes system.

Our Casenotes online service with review by the attorneys helped so many people that we decided to expand the program to include direct and to the point criminal case evaluation forms which are uploaded in much the same manner. It’s exciting to see how much more comfortable and accused person is with recalling,  recording and absorbing information that helps them understand the criminal justice process as it pertains to their case.

An unintended result that we saw over and over throughout 2014 was that people accused of committing a crime in Broward County felt less anxiety when they were proactive in learning about and assisting in the defense of their case. Even if it was just by submitting information to their personal online case file when prompted  by our site’s contents.

latest additions to the new case evaluation form section include a Fort Lauderdale DUI case evaluation which went live on April 2, an online form for use in obtaining a domestic violence evaluation on April 3 and a record sealing eligibility form also on April 3. These forms are available for use and upload now.

Commentary about how to get started and begin building your case.

Upload content as you review sections

It couldn’t be easier to have information about your case reviewed by our criminal defense attorneys. Defense Casenotes utilizes forms within the content throughout the pages of this site. The questions posed directly correspond with the material being reviewed by an accused person.

Look for the casenotes logo when reviewing pages

Content areas that bear the Defense Casenotes logo will always include content forms that may be filled out and uploaded to the user’s private account.

Evidence supplied by you is kept within your personal online case folder

Information supplied by the user is uploaded to our law firms central database where it is reviewed by one of our criminal defense attorneys and then placed into that users corresponding account.

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Using Case Notes can drastically improve a defendant’s ability to assist in preparing defenses and asserting the rights that were designed to protect them. Clients are also more easily able to understand the criminal justice system as it pertains to their particular case. The William more criminal defense law firm has created a system that collects valuable information from the defendant while educating them about specific elements of their particular case.

There is no cost to use this system.

The criminal casenotes system is free, as is the use of corresponding accounts. People using the system will be able to obtain journal entries, case documents, defense notes, calendared events and whatever else has been placed into their online case file throughout their pending criminal matter. This information will be available even years after the matter has closed regardless of whether the user has retained our criminal defense lawyers to represent them.

People wishing to use the system need only register on this site.

To have uploaded information transferred into a private my case account requires nothing more than being logged into the system before submitting completed form fields, questionnaires and sections.