Will I go to Jail after being arrested for DUI?

Will I go to jail after being arrested for DUI in Broward?
Generally, a first DUI that is not enhanced by aggravating factors will not result in a jail sentence. With that being said, many factors come into play even for a first-time DUI offender in Broward County, Florida. For example, it is common practice for DUI judges to impose a light jail sentence for an individual who takes a DUI charge to trial and is found guilty.  The overall view by criminal defense attorneys is that this practice may be used by the court to deter lengthy trial proceedings where an accused has little or no defense. In other words, guilt is firmly established.
Prior DUI convictions play a significant role when evaluating whether or not you face jail time for this most recent driving under the influence arrest.
Part 1: Prior criminal history
List all prior criminal arrests and convictions. Please note which County the arrest took place in whether it be Broward County or otherwise.

Include as much information about prior DUI convictions as well as other crime types as possible. If the extent of your criminal history arose out of Broward County Florida you may obtain information about it by visiting the Broward County Clerk of Court website by conducting a Criminal Case Search.

Include information such as whether or not an accident occurred, the extent of property damage, whether or not anyone was injured or if a fatality is alleged.
Explain the circumstances in which chemical testing was requested and performed. Do you know the results of any test which is alleged to establish a blood alcohol content.
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