Video Playlist: Criminal Justice System

Florida Criminal Justice System

A multipart series outlining fundamental aspects of our criminal justice system. Explanations are specific to the practice of criminal law. This series is narrated by Attorney R. William Moore.

A Few Lecture and Commentary Excerpts from our Criminal Law Lecture Video Library. Click the red circles below to visit the Firm or Individual Lawyer Youtube Channel.
Many of the videos within this section focus on the practice of criminal law and related issues that effect the residents of Florida as a whole. While many of our videos are based on the criminal justice systems application of Florida Criminal Statutes, other lectures raise difficult issues and misconceptions about specific crimes. Application of how South Florida Judges apply our laws are often discussed in addition to basic answers to questions about court procedure in a simple format.

Playlist Specific to Defending DUI in Florida
Informative videos specific to the practice of DUI defense in Florida. This multipart series is dictated by criminal defines lawyer William Moore.


Drug Trafficking Lecture
Presented by Attorney William R. Moore in 2013. This series of videos explains how the profile of Drug Trafficker has changed over the last two decades. Includes discussion about Florida’s latest battle with pill mills.

Broward County Criminal Court Questions
Common questions about resetting court dates, subpoena requirements and court witness obligations are discussed. 
William R. Moore Master Playlist for May 20014
A variety of criminal defense related topics are discussed in our continued lecture series about Florida Criminal Prosecution and Defense.

Attorney William R. Moore’s Most Liked Video Lectures for the first half of 2014
White Collar Crime, Prostitution and Drug Crime Defense are Discussed by Criminal Defense Attorney William Moore  



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